Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs are designed to educate employees how to implement a variety of stress management techniques. These programs empower employees to cope more positively with the daily onslaught of pressures that influence their physical, mental and emotional well-being. The overall result is increased productivity and self-satisfaction for the employee and employer.
The Necessity:
Stress management skills are critical to the ways employees cope with the daily onslaught of pressures that influence their physical, mental and emotional well-being. This affects the employees’ overall performance. Glassner Associates offers effective interactive programs to help employees cope with and triumph over the many challenges presented in today’s competitive work environment. Organizations have embraced Personal Growth and Wellness Programs. Glassner Associates’ programs are individualized and tailored to the goals of the respective company. One of the most important benefits is that hypnosis techniques improve sleep quality and maintain peace of mind for better critical thinking applications required as employees.

The Structure:
Glassner Associates works within the corporate framework with groups as well as individuals. We offer half or full-day seminars that can be followed up with individualized sessions. Weekly programs are offered as well.


  • To improve conditions of wellness for employees, physically, mentally and emotionally, through training in imagery, visualization and relaxation techniques
  • To enable a work environment to promote a sense of harmony, cooperation and optimism
  • To teach employees how to re-energize during the work day for peace of mind and productivity
  • To provide a program for eliminating unhealthy habits such as smoking and over-eating, thus reducing work absences
  • To improve the abilities of the employees to concentrate and focus on their work, thus increasing productivity
  • To encourage and promote work related creative thinking for the welfare of the corporation
  • To teach employees specific relaxation exercises to achieve healthy sleep habits

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