One or Two Day, Private Retreat for Intensive Care

View of Pacific Ocean from Santa BarbaraThere are times and situations when a client benefits tremendously from a very focused and concentrated, one or two days of almost continuous HypnoCounseling with Gale or a specially qualified Reprogramming Hypnosis Specialist who has been certified by Glassner Associates.

Each day consists of between 6-7 hours of session time. You will continue more informal discussion during lunch and dinner with your facilitator.

Our One Day or Two Day Retreat affords you and your facilitator, extended, personalized and seamless time to deal with either many aspects of one main issue or address more than one issue.

The desired outcome is a more comprehensive cleansing of Faulty Subconscious Programs that have been interfering with your peace of mind, harmony, balance and happiness. We use hypnosis and our many adjunct techniques that empower you with substantial coping skills. These help you achieve powerful approaches for self-healing and successfully handling stress issues.

Your mind is your most powerful ally.

Testimonial for the 1-2 Day Retreat:

julieAfter listening twice daily to reprogramming your subconscious CDs for about 40 days, I felt I was ready to connect with Gale via email and phone and eventually made an appointment to see her. I have a history of not being able to leave the house, being filled by fear and anxiety; I was my own prisoner. I had been hospitalized for wanting to end my life. I have been on medications all of my life and I am 50 years old.

~ Julie

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