Public Speaking Training

Whatever area or areas you target to improve for public speaking, you will find it easier and more effective utilizing hypnosis as an additional power tool. Whether you are a novice, a very experienced public speaker, your coaching will be tailored to your needs and goals.

Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H is your coach who has years of experience as a certified public speaking teacher, forensics coach, featured speaker and professional sales trainer. Gale’s training program will help you achieve greater confidence poise and technical skills from this unique style of successful training/coaching.

You may choose to be coached on a specific topic or specific speech. Or you may want to work on answering your audience’s questions using impromptu speaking. Our clients come for assistance in public speaking for any or all of the following components of public speaking training:

The Formulation: Writing the Speech/Presentation

  • getting started with identifying the main ideas and supporting materials for the speech
  • Choosing an outline for the speech with appropriate organization depending upon the audience and time limits
  • creating an entire speech including audio-visuals and creating the notes used for practice and/or presentation of the speech


The Presentation: Fine Tuning Your Presentation Skills for Best Results


  • practicing and polishing the presentation with your speech coach
  • using hypnosis techniques as an adjunct modality to overcome stage fright/fears related to public speaking
  • using additional hypnosis techniques for memory, feeling enthusiastic, thinking quickly on your feet, exuding charisma, for natural and effective gestures and facial expressions


We use individualized coaching, one on one instruction. Yet, we provide an audience for your performances and receive their feedback for further discussion with your speech training coach. The presentation of your speech/presentation may be recorded using our educational online classroom services that allow us to view your performance and suggest improvements for your best outcome as soon as your speech has concluded.

For any questions we may have left unanswered, please use the contact page to request more information.