Suggestions for Self-Hypnosis Sessions from Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H., Ct. H.A.

Possible Self-hypnosis sessions:

  1. Direct your subconscious to cancel negative thoughts that disturb your sleep.
  2. Ask your Higher Self to help you find a missing item.
  3. Program forgiveness for people who have either intentionally or unintentionally hurt you.
  4. Give yourself nurturing through your subconscious programming it to be so. Imagine giving yourself a hug as you would your best friend because you are.
  5. Program more patience when driving and release anger and frustration from past driving situations.
  6. Fine tune your listening skills so you pay attention and really focus on what other people are saying to you instead of thinking about your reply.
  7. Program yourself to remember to put your car keys in the same place to be easily located whenever you need them.
  8. Program yourself to express gratitude every day for your blessings.
  9. Program yourself to pay attention to everything you eat and how it affects how you feel afterwards. Experiment with eliminating foods that make you feel badly.
  10. Practice self-hypnosis every day to attain peace of mind, harmony and balance as a regular habit.