About Gale’s Relax, Release and Dream On CD

By KL Jackson

This greatly improved my quality of sleep! I'm a nurse who works 12 hour night shifts. I sometimes have problems sleeping during the day. The first time I listened, I only got through the first 5-10 minutes before falling asleep. The days I don't listen, I definitely notice a difference in my sleep! This is a great addition to any bedtime routine! By KL Jackson 

By Bob Epstein

This is a wonderful tool. I sprained by back. After doing everything the doctors advised me to, I was still in occasional pain. Now, wherever I hurt, I put this cd on. By the end of the cd, the pain is gone. I am pain free without having to take additional medication. Thank you, Gale, for this non-medical way to relieve back pain. Bob Epstein Review for Relax, Release and Dream On audio

D. Lindgren “academic librarian”

Not just for falling asleep! Gale's CD is more helpful than I could have imagined for relaxation, yes, BUT… it’s not just for falling asleep! The guided imagery has helped so much in my daily meditation practice. Issues I have struggled with for years are becoming more manageable each day, as I take control of my own healing processes. Suddenly, I’m no longer late for work. I found my sense of humor, too! Motivation to dig into projects both...

P. Krauss (Phoenix, AZ)

Fantastic for personal and clinical use!!!! I would recommend this for anyone.As a counselor working with teenagers in a rough neighborhood, many in foster care, or wards of the state…I have found that many, even at age 16 to 18, have never left the confines of the city, and the only park they have ever been to, is where the drugs are sold. Essentially, many do not know how it is to have a sense of calm and relaxation....

Kathy Lesta, NJ

During a crisis situation, being at an accident scene, I felt extremely stressed and I remembered Gale's words from Relax, Release and Dream On, "Breathe deeply and stay calm." Remembering those words truly helped.

Dr. Jsahna Simmons, Naturopathic Physician, Montclair, NJ

This CD has been full of pleasant surprises for me and my family. I collect and use a large assortment of tools for relaxation and stress management for myself as well as to recommend to my clients. To my surprise using Relax, Release and Dream On facilitated my transition into an improved state of well-being. I was so impressed by how I felt after listening to the program just over a few days that I began to play it...

AL, Montclair, NJ

I wake up automatically after 6 hours of sleep, waking up worrying. One night I listened to the Relax, Release and Dream On CD, fell asleep, and woke up after 6 hours as usual. I listened to the CD again, and in about 1/2 hour fell sound asleep again until the alarm woke me later. Nothing else has worked for me before to get back to sleep after waking up, except for sleeping aids. The CD really worked. This...

Maria Woods

This CD is highly recommended to help relieve stress and improve well-being. I have been using Relax, Release and Dream On for only a short time and find myself looking forward to listening every day.

K.W., Montclair, NJ

A friend gave me this CD and I use it every night. The experience is incredible. It’s a little different every night and you get better at using the suggestions and imagery as you go. Her voice is unbelievably soothing. It works like a miracle – highly recommended.


"Relax, Release and Dream On" is a wonderful CD. It has helped me from the very first time I used it. It definitely has helped me to relax and sleep better. I usually fall asleep fast and wake up feeling so refreshed. Both during the evening and throughout the day I find that I am controlling my stress and anxiety a lot more. I am really delighted with its helpful guided imagery and the soothing background music; and I...