Case Studies


A twenty-one year old recent college grad had been suffering from asthma most all his life. Under hypnosis, he visualized a situation when he was just a toddler lying on a beach blanket. His parents were beyond his vision and he remembers feeling abandoned and terrified. He cried so hard that he lost his breath and started wheezing. His parents, who were actually still close by, came running, picked him up soothed and reassured him. Subconsciously, he learned that [...]

Back Pain

This 37 year old painter had experienced a very serious car accident that caused permanent damage to his back. He was in constant pain and the doctors were unable to provide much relief. Surgery was not a viable option and he was told that he would just have to live with the pain. At night, he had to sleep on a recliner because the bed was too painful. At night he was unable to sleep for more than 2 [...]


I can report one of my successful breastfeeding stories when the expectant mother used a personalized hypnotic guided imagery CD that I made for her. She had come for help because of such difficulty breastfeeding her two other children. She was nervous and tense yet wanted to have a better experience. We did our hypnosis work while she was still pregnant. Besides using visualizations and other imagery, we instructed her baby while in the womb how breastfeeding would proceed [...]

Childbirth/Pain Management

This young couple in their twenties wanted to have their baby’s birth experience without the fear of pain and without using drugs unless it was absolutely necessary. They were taught how to bypass the labor pain by use of hypnosis. Instead of pain, the woman substituted a slight pressure feeling which alerted her to the existence of a labor contraction. In addition, she could numb any area where the nurse would be inserting a needle. The wife could remain [...]


Having suffered from the loss of a young friend for whom he was still grieving, this forty year old advertising executive came seeking help for his anxiety and pain from grief. Besides the anxiety and grief, a chief complaint was constipation. During hypnosis he became aware that his subconscious was holding onto “everything” for fear of more “loss.” Therefore, every bowel movement represented more “loss” and his subconscious resisted that too. However, during hypnosis he elected to release his [...]

Early Menopause/Self-esteem

A professional entrepreneur in her forties came for HypnoCounseling and was working on self-esteem issues. When she corrected her erroneous belief system that said she was inferior because she was a woman, she experienced an unexpected positive side effect…she restarted her menstrual cycle that had unexpectedly stopped in her early thirties without any known reason. She reported that her gynecologist, who had been monitoring her medicines and treatment, had agreed that there were no other variables other than the [...]

Fear of Choking

A mother brought her 8 year old young son who was seeking help to stop his fear of choking on his food. The mother was forced to puree all of this child’s food because in this boy’s mind any substantial particle represented an opportunity for choking. Hypnosis revealed that within the last year, the boy experienced a choking incident that terrified him. It was as if his subconscious knew he did not want that horrific choking feeling again, so [...]

Fear of Closed in Spaces

This forty-five year old writer/artist had a fear of being in closed in spaces. This made airplane travel especially difficult. She would have a panic attack when she boarded an airplane. In fact, anytime she was in tight quarters such as a plane she felt a loss of control causing nausea, sweating and fainting. During her hypnosis session she visualized that her problem actually started as a fetus in her mother’s womb. She sensed feeling very frightened in the [...]


When her mother died a few years ago, this 42 year old homemaker felt part of herself and her life died with her mother. A part of her was missing and life was no longer as joyful and complete as it once was. She could not escape these melancholy feelings and it adversely affected her relationships with family and friends. Hypnosis helped this client regain the part of herself that she had lost with her mother’s death. She was [...]

Memory Improvement

This 48 year old chiropractor needed to complete very complicated medical reports which demanded great concentration, focus and memory. He found that he would get in the middle of a report and sometimes lose his train of thought. This caused great frustration, stress and time management issues. After a hypnosis session in which he realized why his mind wandered and his memory faltered, he downloaded new suggestions for his subconscious so he could have greater focus, concentration and memory. [...]