Case Studies

Neck Pain / Relationships

This fifty-five year old professional woman found there was a literal as well as figurative link between the terrible neck pain she was suffering and the stress she suffered relating to her spouse. Although the neck pain had originated from a whip lash in a car accident, it had never been totally eliminated rather it seemed to flair up unexpectedly especially when she was feeling that her husband was “a pain in the neck.” Under hypnosis she recognized that [...]

Nervous Habit: Public Speaking

A professional woman in her early thirties working on Wall Street found she was blinking profusely whenever she was in front of the TV camera lights. Nothing she could do consciously would stop it. She chose hypnosis to find an alternative approach to stop the excessive blinking. During hypnosis she found her uncontrollable blinking was a protective measure chosen by her subconscious literally to block her uneasiness and fear regarding being in front of the TV camera. Subsequently, through [...]

Nightmares, Anxiety, Fears, Pain

A sixty-two year old social worker chose HypnoCounseling to help with her nightmares, anxiety, disorientation and physical pain. The medical tests revealed no definitive answers. The doctors were unable to help; they only monitored her. Through hypnosis she was able to change her nightmares into much calmer, non-threatening dreams. She also learned the tools for interpreting her dreams. Once she understood her dreams, this permitted communication from her subconscious levels to her conscious awareness. She also was able to [...]

Past Life Hypnosis

Belief in past lives or reincarnation is not required. Past Life Hypnosis utilizes the client’s description and understanding of a past life in order to resolve a current issue the client is experiencing. Sometimes while in hypnosis identifying what initiated their current stress issue, clients spontaneously remember another lifetime. It is unimportant whether the client believes in the existence of a past life; it is only important what comes to light from the journey into another existence. Sometimes a person may [...]


A twenty-eight year old client in the holistic arts had severe pains accompanied by feelings of depression and unhappiness right before her periods. Hypnosis helped her recall that she had experienced incidents in grade school where she was teased mercilessly for being a girl. Her subconscious responded to her negative feelings about being female and it had retained them as her reality. Her subconscious was reminding this young woman how badly she resented being female by giving her literal [...]


This young professional woman in her early forties kept focusing most all of her attention on her children to the great unhappiness of her spouse. This inattentiveness to her husband was unintentional as she really loved him completely. Hypnosis helped her focus more on her husband and allowed her to show her affection to him more openly with holding his hand, speaking lovingly to him, hugging and kissing him in public. He responded much more favorably and their relationship [...]


During his childhood this 48 year old man, was told by his father that he was worthless. This message had stuck in his subconscious and had become part of his belief system. During hypnosis he gained insight into this belief and realized this was not an accurate self-assessment. He released that belief/mind set and accepted his approved suggestions that he is a very valuable and worthy human being. This in turn, released the negative effects of his stress. He [...]

Sexual Abuse/Acid Reflux Disease

In a case of sexual abuse, a thirty year old woman had been molested as a child and was afraid to tell anyone. When she finally told her mother, her mother made light of it, ignoring the daughter’s terrible feelings of trauma, guilt, fear, and self-hatred. The result was the daughter felt she had no voice and as she grew into a woman, she had illness centering in her throat, trachea and stomach. It was as though she had [...]

Sexual Concerns

This thirty-two year old professional woman had been told since she was an adolescent that she should be very careful not to be taken advantage of sexually by the opposite sex. It was emphasized that she would be considered dirty and cheap if she did have sex. Her subconscious accepted this instruction; and yet, after marriage when it was okay to finally have sexual relations, she found herself unable to respond sexually. She felt repulsed by sexual contact because it still [...]

Skin Disorders

A thirty-three year old female client came for HypnoCounseling to focus on a single issue only to learn that another issue that was subconsciously connected to the first could be cleared simultaneously. She had no prior knowledge of the connection between these two issues. This client came to Glassner suffering the grief over the loss of her sibling. Concurrent with this event she was also complaining of an eczema skin rash which had plagued her for many years and [...]