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Stress-busting Ideas For the Holidays

– written by Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H, Feeling stressed regarding the holidays?  How can you get all your holiday shopping done, decorate the home, mail out holiday cards and find extra money to pay the holiday bills?  Isn’t it enough stress just getting through your normal daily routines and obligations?  Yet, here are the holidays again along with all their high expectations that you “should” live up to.  Notice the word in quotations is “should.”  It’s key to understanding where [...]

Why Are People So Stubborn, Refusing to Listen to Reason?

Sometimes the only way people who feel out of control may sense they have control, is when they say “NO” to you. They are stubbornly oppositional to your suggestions, your solutions, ideas, requests, demands, pleas and typically criticize you while they are at it. Even when they are hurt or devastated by their decisions of not following your lead, your advice and/or your cajoling, they still refuse to even reconsider their way of thinking. What really makes them feel [...]

"EGO” Outdated for 21st Century?

Have you ever wondered what exactly is your ego? Where did it come from? Where does it reside? Can you see it or touch it? Really, it is only a word that describes a psychological concept that someone’s well respected mind invented. Oprah, Eckert Tolle and countless others are consistently warning us about our ego and the nasty things it may do to us. It may deceive us, over-inflate us, punish us, embarrass us and so forth. Nevertheless, allow [...]

My thoughts in response to the movie, "Inception" and comments on the Huffington Post website:

What many have overlooked is that we dream in an altered state of consciousness that may be alpha, theta or delta states. These states represent different frequencies of brain waves. Like a different radio station, they can connect you to your subconscious mind that typically is unavailable to you during waking hours because you are functioning mainly in your conscious state of beta brain waves. Your subconscious mind is one of your least [...]

Hypnosis and Healthcare

Although I wrote this article seven years ago, its relevance is more compelling than ever. I have finally and willingly accepted that one of my gifts is that I can anticipate the future. It is a gift and a responsibility because I can sense what needs to be thoughtfully planned and prepared for in advance; however, alone, I am only one person. For those who are unable to imagine what I can imagine, I must find a way somehow [...]