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Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 296 with Gale Glassner Twersky

Video running time 58 min. 39 sec.- (Gale’s video interview, approximately 21 minutes  is embedded within the longer video.) Allan, Executive Director of the Bridging Heaven and Earth foundation (celebrating their 22nd season on radio and TV), interviews Gale Glassner Twersky as a guest speaker, spiritual teacher and author. Learn more about Gale’s background, what brought her to her work with the subconscious mind and Reprogramming Hypnosis. Gale reveals why understanding how your subconscious works can bring about enlightenment, [...]

Gale Asked to Demonstrate Hypnosis for Alan Steinfeld

1 min. 41 sec. – Gale demonstrates a hypnosis induction for Alan Steinfeld of [youtube][/youtube]   [button link=””] Back[/button]  

Alan Steinfeld of interviews Gale

Video running time 29 min. 41 sec. – Alan Steinfeld of interviews Gale regarding  spiritual nature of hypnosis/hypnotherapy and how her hypnosis works to help people. [youtube][/youtube] [button link=””] Back[/button]

Alan Steinfeld Interviews Gale on the Positive Effects of Hypnotherapy

3 min. 53 sec. – Alan Steinfeld of interviews Gale on the positive effects of hypnotherapy. [youtube][/youtube] [button link=””] Back[/button]

Reprogram Your Subconscious Introduction

Video running time 9 min. 56 sec. – Introduction to Reprogramming Hypnosis, recorded at International Hypnosis Federation Conference seminar 3/5/2011. This segment explains an overview focusing on basic principles of “Reprogramming Hypnosis”. It is intended for all those interested in a new perspective on how your subconscious mind works. It proposes that the “ego” is outdated now that we have the more accurate computer analogy.

Gale discusses her 9-CD series

4 min. 3 sec. – Gale discusses your silent partner and her 9-CD series – Reprogram Your Subconscious: How to Use Hypnosis to Get What You Really Want. [youtube][/youtube] [button link=””] Back[/button]

Inside with Valerie Persaud Interview

Video running time 8 min. 31 sec. – Gale Glassner Twersky talks about her new Book: Reprogram Your Subconscious: How to Use Hypnosis  to Get What You Really Want. The updated, expanded book edition is based on Gale’s six years “Top Selling” 9-CD Series (of the same title) in partnership with Nightingale-Conant, Corp.   To watch Valerie’s entire show click here  

Strategies for Living

51 min. 1 sec. – “Strategies for Living” radio interview of Gale with David McMillian, LPC, MLFT ( [button link=””] Back[/button]