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Before you proceed, know where your downloads go so you can retrieve it. If unsure, search on your computer the following title “RRDO all tracks” or check with your computer administrator.

Instructions for obtaining the Free Bonus Download of Relax, Release and Dream On:
For Reprogram Your Subconscious 2016 (Gildan Publisher edition) purchasers ONLY:


When you purchase Gale’s Audiobook (2016 Gildan Media edition) you are entitled to this free Bonus Download.  First, go to page one of the Listener’s Guide (PDF) that comes with your purchase. On page One, there is a Table of Contents that lists the titles of each page of the Listener’s Guide. Next, you will use the first two words of the title page for PAGE #8 as your password, please input the password in all lowercase letters and without using space. Next click on the link that says: “Click here to Download your bonus” You will arrive on the page that asks for your password there. Once you have entered the password of those two words of the title on PAGE #8 of the Listener’s Guide, click on SUBMIT. Then your download will begin.


CLICK HERE to Download your bonus (Gildan Media edition only)


For Reprogram Your Subconscious 2010 Paperback, eBook (Gildan publisher editions ONLY): Follow instructions for the url to put into your browser that is printed on p. 159. Then follow instructions once you land on the url page.

CLICK HERE for Reprogram Your Subconscious 2010 Paperback.

CAUTION:  This recording helps to relax you and allows you to disregard everything else while you are listening. Instead, your only focus is on the content of this positive hypnotic guided imagery.  It is very important to avoid listening this recording while you drive a car or other vehicle; and, never listen to this audio as a passenger in any kind of vehicle where the driver may overhear the recording. Also, it is unsafe to listen to this recording while operating any machinery that requires concentration and decision-making. This recording is not a substitute for medical treatment. People who have been diagnosed with any serious mental illness need first to consult with their healthcare provider who will decide if this audio is appropriate for them.