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For Personal Growth and Wellness

As a HypnoCounselor/hypnotherapist I guide my clients in a self-empowering, self-healing process. My role with each client/customer represents a tremendous privilege and an awesome responsibility. Accordingly I dedicate my full energies and expertise to the optimal success of each client/customer.”

– Gale Glassner Twersky


gale-home-pageGlassner Associates Hypnosis for Personal Growth and Wellness, a division of Gale Glassner Associates, Inc., was established in March of 1999. Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H., is the founder and president. Glassner Associates Hypnosis services clients predominantly from New Jersey, New York and California. However, clients also come from all parts of the United States and even from other countries. There are hotels and restaurants close by in the vicinity of our offices that are located in Woodland Hills, CA and Wayne, NJ. Additionally, Glassner Associates Hypnosis offers options that include hypnosis through means of the Internet and/or the telephone. Telephone hypnosis already has been used very successfully for over five years. The internet has been used very successfully over the past three years.

Barbara Klink, certified in hypnosis and who has seven years experience as a certified hypnosis instructor, is the East Coast Director for Glassner Associates Hypnosis operations. Recently Barbara has instituted use of the Internet  for the training purposes and this very convenient option has worked well.

Glassner Associates offers a menu of different services:

  • Private, individualized counseling in person, through the Internet and/or by telephone
  • Group Hypnosis Meetings Online for original Reprogram Your Subconscious audios and discussions. Register on Group Hypnosis Meeting page.
  • Motivational Speaker (learn more re: speaking engagements
  •  Reprogramming Hypnosis Weekend Retreat to Reprogram Your Subconscious (one on one)
  • Hypnosis Specialty Certification for Reprogramming Hypnosis (IHF board certification)
  • Hypnosis Certification as a Certified Hypnotherapist (IHF board certification)
  • Glassner Associates’ Store with Gale’s hypnosis related products

Gale Glassner Associates, Inc. and Gale Glassner Twersky partnered with highly regarded Nightingale-Conant Corp. in the creation and publication of her (2005) 9-CD Series: Reprogram Your Subconscious:  How to Use Hypnosis to Get What You Really Want (RYS). It has since become a groundbreaking program.

Additionally, Gale Glassner Assoc, Inc. has published Gale’s Relax, Release and Dream On audio as well as the 2010 Best Selling book edition of  Reprogram Your Subconscious: How to Use Hypnosis to Get What You Really Want. Gale’s 9-CD program and her paperback 2010 edition of RYS, have worked well synergistically for a complete reprogramming hypnosis understanding and experience.

In 2016, Gale Glassner Assoc. Inc, partnered with highly regarded Gildan Media/Gildan Seminars to publish Gale’s new Reprogram Your Subconscious Audiobook 2016 edition. Furthermore, in 2016, Gildan published Gale’s RYS  updated, revised and expanded paperback edition. Gildan also published Gale’s Hypnotic Guided Imagery Series (2016) that introduced eight single audios on self-improvement subjects.

Music Co-ordinator

Susan Picking

15411071-DSC_5005 Susan Picking is a ukulele strumming, piano playing, award winning singer songwriter. Yes, Picking is her real name. She picked up the uke a few years ago, and is finally doing her sir name proud with her ukulele picking. She has released a full length CD entitled Wonder in the Wander. She released the single a few years ago, but has completed an entire CD of ukulele original tunes. Picking calls this her Suzukie Sessions. The title track Wonder in the Wander, was inspired while on Safari in Tanzania Africa. A passionate traveler, the song is about the Universal Human Connection and the synchronicity and magic that happens everyday.

Susan Picking originally hails from Michigan. After College, she gradually worked her way West to California via Colorado. Just last May 2010 she returned to her Midwestern roots, landing in the culturally rich town of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grand Rapids is a hot bed for Indie Musicians with a vibrant music scene which is spearheaded by Community Radio station WYCE. WYCE hosts an annual awards ceremony called the Jammies. Picking was a 2011 Jammie nominee for her CD Down in Your Soul. It was nominated for Best Female Solo Release and Best overall Album. In the fall, Susan was a guest on EightWest, an NBC syndicated talk show in Grand Rapids, about the “goings on” in West Michigan. Picking was also showcased in a local holiday performance called A Winter’s Tune where local singer/songwriters are selected and asked to write and perform an original seasonal tune for the event. Picking was named as a top 10 finalist in a local Starving Artist open Mic contest.

A Conference in Melbourne Victoria sent Susan on a tour of Australia. She also performed at some Sydney hotspots. She even performed at the Sydney Opera House……..albeit was during a tour of the architectural monument. The tour guide asked if anyone would like to test the acoustics of the music hall, Susan did. She was well received by this captive audience. Upon her return to the states, she has been playing at festivals, holistic healing events, teaching music to youth, and preparing for her CD release. She is currently preparing music for an upcoming hypnosis CD project. Picking is currently working with youth living in poverty in Kent County teaching music at Camp Blodgett. She wrote curriculum and raised funding to provide a music creativity workshop.