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Monthly Affirmations

Positive Affirmations for Positive Thinking and a Positive Attitude

This page is updated monthly with a new positive affirmation for you to use on a daily basis to help with positive thinking and to aid in maintaining a positive attitude. You are welcome to use these affirmations.  I only request that if you use them for any kind of publication/communication, professional or otherwise, that you credit them to Gale Glassner Twersky as the author and  www.GaleGlassnerTwersky.com as the publisher.

Suggestions for self-hypnosis.


With every New Year, I welcome new beginnings. I have accepted a consistent positive perspective that focuses on the positive and so that is what I receive.

January reminds me that I am starting off with a clean slate. It’s a new year filled with new opportunities and good things are coming my way. Every day may seem like January .


Love is Light and healing energy. It cleanses and heals all wounds with forgiveness.

Love recognizes the importance of another person. It also reminds me that I, too, am worthy of being loved. I am lovable. I am loved. I love and accept myself unconditionally.


I am self-empowered and supported by my belief in the internal, inborn power within me. I have the power to love, to create and to be my best self.

We are unable to see the wind. Yet we see its effects as the trees bend and leaves scatter in the wind. So it is with my Higher Power. I see the beauty of Nature’s gifts bestowed upon me even without seeing the Creator. Some things are beyond our sight, yet they may be perceived as the wind beneath our wings.


Be quiet, my mind. Allow my heart to speak. Listen to what my heart needs for my happiness.

With Spring comes renewal, hope, and growth, growth both personally and spiritually. I welcome and focus on my positive growth this month.


I rejoice in the beauty of the earth, the trees, flowers, birds, animals and all of the abundance that I am so grateful and blessed to receive.

May reminds me of the nurturing that rains produce as the flowers blossom. May reminds me to nurture others with kindness as well as to nurture myself with kindness. Every soul blossoms with kindness and caring.


I teach my children compassion through my words and deeds. Through compassion and good deeds, the world becomes a better place for everyone.



I believe in equality for every person. I have a right to my feelings, my opinions and my choices. Therefore, I practice my right to cleanse my subconscious mind of the Faulty Subconscious Programs so that I live in truth in my mind, body and spirit.


I am dedicated to self-improvement. That is called progress. Self-improvement is also called a commitment to my Creator.


What is life about if I overlook why I am here in the first place? Everything and everyone has a purpose for being here. I am here for a good reason.


I began as a success. I was born. I continue and build upon my successes with ease and confidence. I am worthy. I am good enough. I am successful. I enjoy my success. I enjoy helping others to be successful too.


I value my health. Doing my best to keep my body healthy is a sign of self-respect. It is also important for enjoying my life to its fullest. I educate myself on how to maintain my health. It feels so great making wise choices for maintaining my good health.


I am careful about the words I use, so I choose my words carefully. I take into consideration that other people have different life experiences that influence how they receive my words. Thus, I edit and adjust my words accordingly with my audience in mind.