Decision Making

Decision Making

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Reprogram Your Subconscious for Decision-Making:

Author and Narrator: Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H.

Enjoy a full body, mind and spirit, very deep relaxation as you listen to this hypnotic guided imagery. You release all tension, anxiety and stress that helps quiet your mind; and so, you focus on what will help you in making wise decisions, the ones best for you under your circumstances. This hypnotic guided imagery will demonstrate how to sense within your inner knowing and inner wisdom, which choice to select when you must make a decision. Additionally, this audio includes many positive Reprogramming Hypnosis suggestions to assist you in making what you sense are the best decisions for your Highest Good. You are encouraged to understand yourself learning from the powerful perspective of your subconscious/spiritual plane, to understand your motives and emotions that motivate your decisions. This gives you self-knowledge that assists you in decision-making. Furthermore, this hypnotic guided imagery has suggestions to raise your high self-esteem. This confirms the good person you are with many positive attributes. There is forgiveness to help overcome regrets and other negative emotions that are counter-productive. Plus you establish peace of mind, harmony and balance that supports your decision-making abilities also. Enjoy this pro-active path to feel confident about your decision-making.

As an added bonus at the conclusion of this audio, there is an additional hypnotic guided imagery focus of you and a group of people (of your choice) who form a healing energy circle. So you may participate in bringing healing energy to you, to others in the group and out into the world for anyone needing these magnificent healing energies. Participating in this healing circle helps you to release beneficial to your well-being, feel-good endorphins