Group Hypnosis Membership Annual Plan


Group Hypnosis Membership Annual Plan


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By registering for our website,, you become eligible to join our Group Hypnosis Meeting podcasts that each month present an original audio of hypnotic guided imagery focusing on one of a very large variety of topics that have universal applications. Once registered, you will receive an email notification of the upcoming presentation and will be able to download the hypnotic guided imagery audio using the link included, after you have logged in to your account. Additionally, you will receive a 20% discount on other hypnotic guided imagery audios, other than Group Hypnosis Meetings, even if and when these audios go on sale on our website.  Besides these benefits, you will receive our quarterly newsletter with additional discounts on our products and/or services including training certifications. The membership yearly fee is based on $5.00/month and if you prepay for the full year, you get two months free and your yearly membership prepaid is only $50 for the year. You may register and sign up for a membership on from our menu options.


Group Hypnosis Meeting Online Audio Series:

Each audio in this series begins with an introduction for the first track that prepares the listener for the Reprogramming Hypnosis experience. Most all audios include a third track of only the background music that can be used to enhance your self-hypnosis and/or to enhance your sleep. Gale’s Group Hypnosis Meeting Online Series introduces a new audio monthly. The purpose of this series is to promote your use of hypnosis as your lifelong self-empowerment tool for getting what you really want. Its philosophy and system are based upon Gale’s book/Audiobook, Reprogram Your Subconscious: How to Use Hypnosis to Get What You Really Want that is meant for the novice as well as all those more experienced in hypnosis. In fact, this book is also beneficial for hypnosis professionals. Please register on to join Group Hypnosis Meeting Online and receive a special savings on future purchases and the option for our newsletter with articles and special discounts. We give preferential treatment whenever possible those who have registered .


An Explanation of the “Reprogramming Hypnosis System”

These hypnotic guided imagery audios focus upon your stress issues in the most powerful way, through helping you to reprogram your magnificently powerful subconscious mind to get what you really want and let go of what needs to be deleted. Imagine that part of your mind that we call, “unconscious” mind or “subconscious mind”, is like a fantastic computer, better than any created. It is working constantly behind the scenes within you, yet is never visible or vocal. However, based upon its observable effects, we can theorize how it operates. We can observe that there is are parts of your subconscious that operate like a main Administrator/Director/ Enforcer, downloading “Subconscious Programs” that end up directly determining how you think, feel and behave. It does not ask your permission to make these entries/downloads. Rather, your subconscious has been programmed to do it that way automatically. Moreover, you are unaware of how and when it programs something. Most of the time, your subconscious does a great job for you, giving you pleasure, happiness and protecting you to avoid bad experience reoccurring. Unfortunately, there are times when your subconscious makes a mistake, an illogical decision by downloading a program that unintentionally causes you harm. When this happens, Reprogramming Hypnosis may rescue you from the stress that was subconsciously initiated.

As a hypnotherapist since 1999, I have had the privilege to observe how my subconscious reprogramming theory and Reprogramming Hypnosis System has helped clients to overcome more than 80 different categories of challenging issues. My heartfelt intention is that you, too, will benefit from my approach based upon a consistent extended metaphor within these hypnotic guided imagery audios. Especially important is that Reprogramming Hypnosis enables you to communicate with your subconscious for deleting such undesirables as: erroneous attitudes, faulty mindsets, faulty beliefs and misguided, erroneous associations. When you delete the Faulty Subconscious Program responsible for a resistant stress, you are freed from the past. Reprogramming Hypnosis functions within the hypnotic guided imagery suggestions to replace the negative with the positive programs for your Highest Good. In a sense, these audios provide you keys to live with more peace of mind, freedom and happiness!