Release Fears Now

Release Fears Now

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Reprogram Your Subconscious to Release Fear Now:

Author and Narrator: Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H.

Enjoy this hypnotic guided imagery that gently guides you with Gale’s soothing voice into deep relaxation. It relaxes every muscle, ligament and tendon as well as every part of your body as it also clears the mind into deep relaxation. Consequently, you transition into a state of serene peace, harmony, balance and a sense of self-healing. While in hypnosis, a natural altered state of consciousness like meditation, you gain direct access to your Suggestible Subconscious Mind. This makes it possible for you to delete the Faulty Programs that have been distressing you with a particular fear or fears. You will discover new perspectives that were unavailable to you while in your conscious state. Your subconscious mind is intended to be your advocate and friend; so, it will want to help you feel better and be happier. The hypnotic guided imagery Reprogramming Hypnosis suggestions are designed to communicate and activate your release of the fears.

Also, very importantly, there are suggestions that follow up with directions to download your calm, centered state of relaxed control. There is an added benefit of listening to this audio while you sleep. Your subconscious is continuing important relaxation work for you off screen and this audio may improve your quality of sleep because of the deep relaxation that this audio promotes. For best results, listen to this audio during waking and/or sleeping hour at least once for 30-60 days to reinforce all the suggestions.