Reprogram Your Subconscious (Audiobook / Paperback / eBook)

Reprogram Your Subconscious (Audiobook / Paperback / eBook)


Published by Gildan Seminars

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Reprogram Your Subconscious: How to Use Hypnosis to Get What You Really Want, published by Gildan Seminars, is based upon an interactive book format that includes an attached 50-page Journal with Affirmations for you to record your thoughts, goals, insights and answers to questions posed throughout the book.

Additionally there is a bonus, free audio download of Release, Release and Dream On that is provided to guide your effortless learning of self-hypnosis.

This is the updated and greatly expanded paperback/audiobook edition of Gale’s long time, Top Selling 9-CD Series in cooperation with the prestigious Nightingale-Conant, Corp. In fact, this uniquely comprehensive book edition presents about 50% new material beyond the original 9-CD Series.
What can you expect to gain from this Audiobook and paperback book?
Reprogram Your Subconscious, the updated and expanded book, opens the door to your subconscious mind, your silent, invisible partner that is responsible for how you think, feel and behave. This very readable book empowers you step-by-step to reprogram your subconscious mind-sets, beliefs and behaviors so you can get what you really want. You will learn all about Gale’s Reprogramming Hypnosis and Reprogramming Self-hypnosis that will serve you in every facet of your life.

There is a wealth of information, unique perspectives, with dozens of instructive case studies, easy to use applications and abundant original scripts. So this book has it all. Beginners as well as those very experienced and/or professionally trained in hypnosis, will realize life-altering benefits from this book. As a seasoned teacher, Gale carefully explains how to use Reprogramming Self-hypnosis techniques and strategies to keep your subconscious supporting your desires.
Learn How to:
*Connect to your suggestible subconscious for reprogramming purposes

*Speak the words that your subconscious understands and will enact for you

*Delete subconscious faulty programs, replacing them with beneficial ones

*Fortify strong high self-esteem, so you believe in yourself and your success

*Release negative emotions that could be hazardous to your well-being

*Maintain consistent peace of mind with feelings of harmony and balance

*Forgive yourself and others subconsciously, so you can forgive completely

*Access easily your intuitive wisdom for well-being

*Recognize and articulate spiritual views that will help anchor and guide you

*Sustain a positive, optimistic attitude that daily brings you happiness


Additional Benefits for You by Understanding Your Subconscious:
New and important insights about your mind’s frequenciesLoads more “how to” information making applications easier –More scripts for your successful reprogramming of your subconscious mind for all kinds of issues and situations -Chapter Four serves as a text book and reference guide for specific, step-by-step reprogramming directions –Detailed Guidance for successful self-hypnosis suggestions -Detailed Strategies for any resistances to reprogramming your subconscious
Suggestions for Positive Changes you might choose to reprogram:
-Sleeping peacefully -Establishing consistent peace of mind -Accepting your invincible high self-esteem -Improving your physical health using your subconscious mind -Changing mindsets -Eliminating negative habits -Programming positive beliefs -Disarming fears and anxieties

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