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Death Couldn’t Stop My Daughter

Written by B.H from New Jersey and posted with her permission: On October 8th, 2007, the worst thing happened to our family. Our beautiful 35 year old daughter died suddenly, leaving us devastated! There are no words for such a loss. We were extremely close. She would always tease me by saying ”wait until you are old and I am going to take care of you!” It was so funny “then”.   In the spring of 2011, I was having terrible pain [...]

Back Pain

This 37 year old painter had experienced a very serious car accident that caused permanent damage to his back. He was in constant pain and the doctors were unable to provide much relief. Surgery was not a viable option and he was told that he would just have to live with the pain. At night, he had to sleep on a recliner because the bed was too painful. At night he was unable to sleep for more than 2 [...]

Neck Pain / Relationships

This fifty-five year old professional woman found there was a literal as well as figurative link between the terrible neck pain she was suffering and the stress she suffered relating to her spouse. Although the neck pain had originated from a whip lash in a car accident, it had never been totally eliminated rather it seemed to flair up unexpectedly especially when she was feeling that her husband was “a pain in the neck.” Under hypnosis she recognized that [...]