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There is Always a Choice of Which Lesson to Keep

With every experience you have, there is always a choice of which resulting lesson you may want to keep. When you choose wisely, the lesson will empower you with positive subconscious programs that support your peace of mind, harmony and balance. Choosing a lesson that creates faulty subconscious programming that supports your destructive feelings of fears, anger, resentments, guilt, sadness, anxiety, insecurity, helplessness or the like, would be an unwise choice. If you unintentionally choose unwisely, know that it [...]

Fear of Closed in Spaces

This forty-five year old writer/artist had a fear of being in closed in spaces. This made airplane travel especially difficult. She would have a panic attack when she boarded an airplane. In fact, anytime she was in tight quarters such as a plane she felt a loss of control causing nausea, sweating and fainting. During her hypnosis session she visualized that her problem actually started as a fetus in her mother’s womb. She sensed feeling very frightened in the [...]

Skin Disorders

A thirty-three year old female client came for HypnoCounseling to focus on a single issue only to learn that another issue that was subconsciously connected to the first could be cleared simultaneously. She had no prior knowledge of the connection between these two issues. This client came to Glassner suffering the grief over the loss of her sibling. Concurrent with this event she was also complaining of an eczema skin rash which had plagued her for many years and [...]