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Hypnosis for Comfort Control Over Pain

It never ceases to amaze me that although so many people suffer from pain from all kinds of sources, many overlook hypnosis as their first option for help. Of course, you first will want to know from your healthcare provider, if possible, what is the source of the pain so you avoid masking what needs first to be evaluated. Nevertheless, did you know that hypnosis was what doctors used before ether was invented for operations? So how could hypnosis remain outside [...]

“Trial Hypnosis” and More

What is meant by the term, “Trial Hypnosis“? You may have first heard that term mentioned by a high profile lawyer, Mark O”Mara on July 13, 13. Because of my experience as a hypnotherapist, I immediately knew that this generally unfamiliar term would cause confusion for many people.Consequently, I felt it would be useful to clarify what the definition of Trial Hypnosis could be. First of all, hypnosis is used to assist people in their successful achievement of their goals, be it in [...]

Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Working?

  Still keeping those New Year’s Resolutions? Just checking. If not, are you feeling like you are blocked by some barriers? Perhaps there is a solution for you. Speaking as a HypnoCounselor/Hypnotherapist, I have observed how people have broken through their barriers by using hypnosis and specifically a specialized system called Reprogramming Hypnosis. Yes, I’ve witnessed the wonderfully life changing, safe, positive and permanent changes that this type of hypnosis provides. In fact, that is why I am so enthusiastic [...]

Death Couldn’t Stop My Daughter

Written by B.H from New Jersey and posted with her permission: On October 8th, 2007, the worst thing happened to our family. Our beautiful 35 year old daughter died suddenly, leaving us devastated! There are no words for such a loss. We were extremely close. She would always tease me by saying ”wait until you are old and I am going to take care of you!” It was so funny “then”.   In the spring of 2011, I was having terrible pain [...]

There is Always a Choice of Which Lesson to Keep

With every experience you have, there is always a choice of which resulting lesson you may want to keep. When you choose wisely, the lesson will empower you with positive subconscious programs that support your peace of mind, harmony and balance. Choosing a lesson that creates faulty subconscious programming that supports your destructive feelings of fears, anger, resentments, guilt, sadness, anxiety, insecurity, helplessness or the like, would be an unwise choice. If you unintentionally choose unwisely, know that it [...]

How Your Family's Negativity May Strengthen You

“If you wonder why you may be surrounded by family members who oppose you and/or your views, consider it a gift that will strengthen your belief in yourself. Think of body building. When you subject your muscle to strong exercise/strain, it creates tears that signal your body to rebuild the torn muscle tissue thereby healing it. This results in your bigger, stronger muscle.” Gale Glassner Twersky If you succeed in disregarding the mean-spirited comments, harsh criticisms, jealousies and the painful [...]

Help Children Deal With School Anxiety

– written by Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H, Among the most difficult stresses we as adults suffer is when our children suffer.  Whether they are your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren or any children you care about, it’s so heartbreaking to see them demonstrate physical aches, pains, nausea, headaches, and stomachaches due to their anxiety.  We feel so powerless to help our children face their fears and release them. As schools have opened their arms at the end of summer to once [...]

Overcome the Fear of Flying

– written by Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H, Travel nowadays is more challenging than ever, especially when you are choosing air travel. It’s not surprising since the images of 9/11 are emblazoned in our psyches. How many times did you view the images of the plane flying into the Twin Towers or see the destruction of the plane crash into the Pentagon and the crash remains in the field in Pennsylvania? While some people can put these traumatic visions plus other [...]

Aftermath of 9-11 Recovering: Choose Freedom Rather Than Fear

– written by Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H, Although this original article was published in the Montclair Life and Leisure newspaper on July, 2006, its message is every bit as pertinent and powerful today. We can choose how to respond personally to thoughts about terror, terrorists and horrific acts such as perpetrated upon New York (and all Americans) on September 11, 2001 There is a pandemic going on in your town.  In fact, it is striking every town throughout the United States… [...]