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Skin Disorders

A thirty-three year old female client came for HypnoCounseling to focus on a single issue only to learn that another issue that was subconsciously connected to the first could be cleared simultaneously. She had no prior knowledge of the connection between these two issues. This client came to Glassner suffering the grief over the loss of her sibling. Concurrent with this event she was also complaining of an eczema skin rash which had plagued her for many years and [...]


A forty year old female counselor despite numerous attempts could not stop smoking on her own. A relative had forced her to smoke when she was just eight years old and this event had cemented in her subconscious the need to smoke. Even though the cigarettes tasted awful, it was an exciting, adult-like thing to do. Through hypnosis suggestion, she released the need to smoke. She recognized that smoking was neither something she liked, nor wanted as part of [...]

Test Taking Anxiety

This 35 year old policeman had tried to pass his promotional exam but his anxiety interfered and he had performed much below his capability. With training in hypnosis techniques he learned to relax and use all his powers of concentration to complete the test tasks easily. He also increased confidence in his ability to perform well and to let go of all the stress related to the test results. He only focused on the questions and problem solving rather [...]


This young twenty-nine year old woman had developed a nervous twitch or “tic” that jerked her neck and head uncontrollably in a quick sideway motion every few minutes. She had tried everything and hypnosis was her last hope. Through hypnosis she learned what her body was trying to express. She had been traumatized a couple months earlier when she learned that her beloved boyfriend had cheated on her. He abruptly had broken up with her. In deep emotion of [...]

Tinnitis / Trauma

A female teacher in her late fifties had suffered for five years with constant loud ringing in both of her ears. The annoying ringing was getting progressively worse making it very difficult to sleep and also disrupted her ability to function daily. During hypnosis, she learned that, five years previously, she had experienced a trauma of great embarrassment regarding falling asleep in an inappropriate situation. In order to protect her from re-experiencing such a humiliating event, her subconscious chose [...]

Weight Reduction

This forty-five year old real estate investor came for weight reduction issues because she was a size 24 and wanted to change her body shape to a size 16. Through hypnosis she discovered her eating behaviors were based upon an old subconscious mind set that had been established when she was extremely poor barely affording one meal a day. Her subconscious chose the survival mode that urged her to eat all she could now because she might not have [...]

Strategies for Living

51 min. 1 sec. – “Strategies for Living” radio interview of Gale with David McMillian, LPC, MLFT (healthylife.net). http://galeglassner.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/David-MacMillan-Radio-Strategies-for-Living-Interview-with-Gale-Glassner-Twersky1.mp3 [button link=”http://galeglassner.com/videos-and-interviews/”] Back[/button]

Inside Social Work

4 min. 11 sec. – “Inside Social Work” BlogRadio interview of Gale with Rutgers Social Work Professor, Valerie Persaud (valeriepersaud.com). Interview with Valerie Persaud [button link=”http://galeglassner.com/videos-and-interviews/”] Back[/button]