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Having suffered from the loss of a young friend for whom he was still grieving, this forty year old advertising executive came seeking help for his anxiety and pain from grief. Besides the anxiety and grief, a chief complaint was constipation. During hypnosis he became aware that his subconscious was holding onto “everything” for fear of more “loss.” Therefore, every bowel movement represented more “loss” and his subconscious resisted that too. However, during hypnosis he elected to release his [...]


When her mother died a few years ago, this 42 year old homemaker felt part of herself and her life died with her mother. A part of her was missing and life was no longer as joyful and complete as it once was. She could not escape these melancholy feelings and it adversely affected her relationships with family and friends. Hypnosis helped this client regain the part of herself that she had lost with her mother’s death. She was [...]