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My Answer to Daniel's Question: How Did I Become a Top Selling (Nightingale-Conant) Author?

Thank you for asking this question, Daniel. My answer to your question is this:  It is being at the right place at the right time, connecting to the right people who think you are the right person and that your message is right for them at that right moment and their marketing team agrees you are the right person with the right message for their customer base. The test marketing confirms you are the right person with the right [...]

Online Group Hypnosis Meetings

  Due to unanticipated events, we have had to postpone the reintroduction of our Group Hypnosis Meeting Online. Our Group Hypnosis Meeting (GHM) now will be conducted only through the Internet on the first and fifteenth of each month (unless notice is posted on this page of our website regarding any date changes). Details will be posted in advance on this page of our website. Those preregistered for Group Hypnosis Meetings Online will receive an email reminder in advance of the GHM [...]