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“Can You Identify This Flower” Contest

I live in sunny southern California, however, this plant actually prefers the cooler temperatures. Nonetheless, this bush (hint: bush height, 35 inches) survived triple digits temperature this past summer and the summer before that. Can you name this flower? I think you will be greatly impressed when you learn its name. I can only speculate that it received some extra energy for survival because it grew right outside my office windows. After all, there is a great deal of [...]

CD – Relax Release and Dream On

Relax, Release and Dream On : Hypnotic Guided Imagery CD for Relaxing the Mind & Body, Releasing Negative Emotions and Sleeping Peacefully. For those who would choose the bonus CD option for Relax, Release and Dream On as part of your purchase of the book/eBook, please fill out a copy of the form on p.160 (of the RYS book). If you are using a credit or debit card, include your billing information, the credit card number, your card expiration date, [...]