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Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Working?

  Still keeping those New Year’s Resolutions? Just checking. If not, are you feeling like you are blocked by some barriers? Perhaps there is a solution for you. Speaking as a HypnoCounselor/Hypnotherapist, I have observed how people have broken through their barriers by using hypnosis and specifically a specialized system called Reprogramming Hypnosis. Yes, I’ve witnessed the wonderfully life changing, safe, positive and permanent changes that this type of hypnosis provides. In fact, that is why I am so enthusiastic [...]

Is Your “Ego” Keeping You Prisoner?

“Ego” is just a word that has taken on a life of its own. If you allow that word to define who you are or who you could be, then your “ego” could keep you as a prisoner for life. Delete that word “ego” from your vocabulary and heart. Reprogram it with Reprogramming Hypnosis. Next, embrace and download another perspective that says you are free to reprogram any of your internal Mind/Body/Spirit subconscious programs. Then you truly will have [...]

"EGO” Outdated for 21st Century?

Have you ever wondered what exactly is your ego? Where did it come from? Where does it reside? Can you see it or touch it? Really, it is only a word that describes a psychological concept that someone’s well respected mind invented. Oprah, Eckert Tolle and countless others are consistently warning us about our ego and the nasty things it may do to us. It may deceive us, over-inflate us, punish us, embarrass us and so forth. Nevertheless, allow [...]