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Nobody is Perfect and That is OK: Affirmations to Relieve Perfectionism

Nobody is perfect. That means I am not perfect and that is okay. It may be challenging to admit that I am not perfect. Yet, if I were perfect, what would be my purpose being here? So I am up for the challenge to admit I am not perfect. Since I am not perfect and I am here, it is okay to admit that I am not perfect. By admitting that I am not perfect, I feel relieved. Whew! The pressure [...]

Living in Peace with Harmony, Balance and Love: A Practical Formula

Here is a perspective that directs you to download into your subconscious a system of specific beliefs. These beliefs help you achieve your goal of living in peace with harmony, balance and love. Additionally this belief system assists you in raising your consciousness while it supports you living out your spiritual values. Practically speaking, regardless whether you are convinced of its truth or otherwise, you can use this template to convince your subconscious that this is the way you want [...]