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“Trial Hypnosis” and More

What is meant by the term, “Trial Hypnosis“? You may have first heard that term mentioned by a high profile lawyer, Mark O”Mara on July 13, 13. Because of my experience as a hypnotherapist, I immediately knew that this generally unfamiliar term would cause confusion for many people.Consequently, I felt it would be useful to clarify what the definition of Trial Hypnosis could be. First of all, hypnosis is used to assist people in their successful achievement of their goals, be it in [...]

A Synchronicity Lesson for All, Big and Small

Last summer I found an enormous, glossy, pitch black mysterious bug. He was crawling on my bathroom tiles, totally uninvited. He had a curved back, shaped like a halved walnut shell but much bigger, almost the size of a golf ball. The creature was really scary looking. Nonetheless, for many years I had opted to take a spiritual perspective regarding the value of all life so I had respect and compassion for all of God’s creatures, even the ugly, [...]

Why Are People So Obstinate and Disagreeable?

People are so obstinate and disagreeable because their subconscious programming is directing them to do so. It is likely because of Faulty Subconscious Programming that was downloaded without the person’s awareness or permission. The subconscious makes decisions that are meant to make you feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually. It also makes choices for you that serve to protect you from harm or feeling badly about yourself. The problem is that your subconscious can make mistakes and thus [...]

Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Working?

  Still keeping those New Year’s Resolutions? Just checking. If not, are you feeling like you are blocked by some barriers? Perhaps there is a solution for you. Speaking as a HypnoCounselor/Hypnotherapist, I have observed how people have broken through their barriers by using hypnosis and specifically a specialized system called Reprogramming Hypnosis. Yes, I’ve witnessed the wonderfully life changing, safe, positive and permanent changes that this type of hypnosis provides. In fact, that is why I am so enthusiastic [...]

Reprogram Your Subconscious Review by Dr. Betty Scott, Emeritus Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia

It is said that some people are “blessed to be a blessing”. That most certainly can be said of Gale Glassner Twersky. Gale, a best-selling author for Nightingale-Conant (and deservedly so) has cast more material into Reprogram Your Subconscious than in the previously released 9 CD program.   Having personally examined most available self-hypnosis books, both currently available and out of print, I can tell you that it is laudable to find such a wealth of “extras” in her book. I [...]

How Your Family's Negativity May Strengthen You

“If you wonder why you may be surrounded by family members who oppose you and/or your views, consider it a gift that will strengthen your belief in yourself. Think of body building. When you subject your muscle to strong exercise/strain, it creates tears that signal your body to rebuild the torn muscle tissue thereby healing it. This results in your bigger, stronger muscle.” Gale Glassner Twersky If you succeed in disregarding the mean-spirited comments, harsh criticisms, jealousies and the painful [...]

Stress-busting Ideas For the Holidays

– written by Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H, Feeling stressed regarding the holidays?  How can you get all your holiday shopping done, decorate the home, mail out holiday cards and find extra money to pay the holiday bills?  Isn’t it enough stress just getting through your normal daily routines and obligations?  Yet, here are the holidays again along with all their high expectations that you “should” live up to.  Notice the word in quotations is “should.”  It’s key to understanding where [...]

Aftermath of 9-11 Recovering: Choose Freedom Rather Than Fear

– written by Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H, Although this original article was published in the Montclair Life and Leisure newspaper on July, 2006, its message is every bit as pertinent and powerful today. We can choose how to respond personally to thoughts about terror, terrorists and horrific acts such as perpetrated upon New York (and all Americans) on September 11, 2001 There is a pandemic going on in your town.  In fact, it is striking every town throughout the United States… [...]

Test Taking Anxiety

This 35 year old policeman had tried to pass his promotional exam but his anxiety interfered and he had performed much below his capability. With training in hypnosis techniques he learned to relax and use all his powers of concentration to complete the test tasks easily. He also increased confidence in his ability to perform well and to let go of all the stress related to the test results. He only focused on the questions and problem solving rather [...]