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Compassion, Service and Synchronicity Beyond Belief

This synchronicity story began on a typical Sunday morning when we were in the midst of renovating our bathroom. The construction worker was coming the next day to do the plumbing and we were behind schedule finding a granite countertop that had to be custom made due to the small Victorian style, older bathroom with irregular measurements. We couldn’t find anyone suitable and available to help us and now, on Sunday, no store was open. Terribly frustrated, I decided to [...]

Synchronicity Story: How a Thief and a Fiancée Saved My Life

When I was a first year high school teacher in Barrington, IL, I carpooled with a fellow English teacher, Carol. When her fiancée’s car was stolen, Carol’s fiancée insisted that Carol install car safety belts before they used her car for a trip to meet the soon-to-be in-laws. That was a week before our near fatal car crash. Actually, on the evening of the accident, when we were exiting our high school parking lot, Carol’s car mysteriously stalled for [...]