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Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Working?

  Still keeping those New Year’s Resolutions? Just checking. If not, are you feeling like you are blocked by some barriers? Perhaps there is a solution for you. Speaking as a HypnoCounselor/Hypnotherapist, I have observed how people have broken through their barriers by using hypnosis and specifically a specialized system called Reprogramming Hypnosis. Yes, I’ve witnessed the wonderfully life changing, safe, positive and permanent changes that this type of hypnosis provides. In fact, that is why I am so enthusiastic [...]

Weight Reduction

This forty-five year old real estate investor came for weight reduction issues because she was a size 24 and wanted to change her body shape to a size 16. Through hypnosis she discovered her eating behaviors were based upon an old subconscious mind set that had been established when she was extremely poor barely affording one meal a day. Her subconscious chose the survival mode that urged her to eat all she could now because she might not have [...]