Telephone/Internet Hypnosis


Telephone/Internet hypnosis option offers an ideal way to experience Glassner Associates’ hypnosis services in the comfort and privacy of your home, office or other familiar surroundings. Since a number of our clients live out of state or out of the country, Glassner Associates provides hypnosis sessions over the telephone and/or Internet. Additionally, some clients living within driving distance from Glassner Associates offices prefer to use telephone/Internet  sessions to accommodate their busy schedules. Some clients once they have visited our offices opt for the convenience of using telephone/Internet hypnosis for future sessions. Another reason you may choose telephone/Internet hypnosis is because you may need only a short, maybe only thirty minute session. Whichever  you choose, the hypnosis is effective.

Format for Telephone /Internet Hypnosis “Only” Clients:

Gale-Glassner-0282Preparation: If you have not already listened to one of our hypnotic guided imagery CDs, you are requested to listen to Relax, Release and Dream On in preparation for feeling comfortable with hypnosis and for experiencing the ease of going into hypnosis through use of the telephone.

One: For your first session, your HypnoCounselor interviews you over the phone to help you clarify and articulate your needs and goals. Together with your HypnoCounselor, you plan what stresses you immediately need to target and what would be more long term goals. Next, together, with the guidance of your HypnoCounselor, you formulate the most pertinent suggestions for your personalized script.  This script then becomes part of the personalized CD supporting your goals. Everything that is included in the script is reviewed by you and revised later by you, with the help of your HypnoCounselor, if necessary.  This session requires two hours.

Two: The second session focuses on conducting the hypnosis (specifically Reprogramming Hypnosis if appropriate) and recording the majority of the session for your personalized CD. Your HypnoCounselor will verbalize your goals through hypnotic guided imagery with direct and indirect hypnotic suggestions that complete your individualized CD and establish the initial foundation for your hypnosis work.  This second session requires two hours. After this hypnosis session, the CD is mailed to you within the next two business days.

Three: The third session is typically one hour to one and a half hours, again depending upon your needs. The third session reinforces all that has been outlined thus far and targets any unconscious resistances. If no resistance is evident, the third session is used for reinforcement as well as other stress reducing techniques. If there are unconscious resistances, the third and fourth sessions are dedicated to removing those resistances.

Four: The fourth session is only required if there is need for more reinforcement and resolution of unconscious resistances and any minor related issues that surface. This session may be one to one and a half hours.

Spacing your appointments:  The first two telephone sessions are typically, but not necessarily, a week or two weeks apart; and, then the third session is approximately two or three weeks after the second session. Weekly sessions are advised after the third or fourth session for continuity. However, many clients have chosen longer intervals between sessions and it has worked successfully. Remember that you will be listening to your personalized CD every night as you go to sleep as well as listening to it during daytime free time. Besides listening to your personalized CD, you will be practicing your own self-hypnosis.

Exceptions:  Nonetheless, there are specific situations that require you to progress in the physical presence of the HypnoCounselor. Consequently, for some people telephone hypnosis has its own set of specific options and limitations.

If interested in telephone hypnosis or if you just need more information, please fill out our Contact Form.

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