A short journey filled with Permanent Life Changes (FOOD)

One of the problems that we have addressed and that previously drove me insane was EMOTIONAL EATING I used to eat for various reasons from stress to comfort. Hypnosis was my last option after going through “Weight Watchers”, “NutriSystem”, “TlS weight loss system”, “Hydroxicut”, including many other diets like one meal a day, fiber diet, and vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan diets. I tried it all for the matter of a fact I was dieting since I was 14 years old. But the problem wasn’t just my eating disorder that currently does not exist! It was the way I felt about food and about my life in general and there was a deeper connection when Gale dug up deeper in my past. We healed what was there together through the sessions and all you have to do after that is listening to the CD twice a day. It’s amazing how an hour a day can shift things permanently in your life and let you enjoy life as the way you should. I’ve been losing weight since our last session, I rebel against junk food and now I have more time to focus other areas of life instead of focusing solely on the infinite attempts that I had to go through to lose weight. I know it sounds too good to be true but its true and if you’re out there reading this, it worth every penny that you spend!

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