About Gale

Roberto H.
“Gale is enthusiastic about the matter, speaks from the heart and shares many of her practical experiences. She doesn’t want to create dependence on only her as the practitioner. Rather she wants to empower the subject so that the subject can do this on their own.”

Kathleen L.
“Her pleasant, conversational style offers steps for self-hypnosis, detailed scripts with guided imagery, and alternative techniques to facilitate mind-body-spirit connections for the individual.”

G. R.
“Gale, you have made a tremendous difference in both my professional and personal life.”

Dana Berry
“You are a talented, intuitive and skilled hypnotist; Please use me as a reference, thank you from my heart. Your help has provided me with a sense of joy and control over my life that I felt I had lost.”

Jesse P.
“I had never been hypnotized before and was very nervous, but Gale’s entire demeanor put me at ease. I recommend her constantly to strangers and friends alike.”

Cathy M.
“When I first met Gale, everything about her was soothing, calming, gentle, informative and bright. She is a kind spirit who enabled me to breathe easily again after six months of feeling it was difficult to breathe.”

Irene W.
“There is no doubt in my mind that Ms. Twersky is an extraordinary healer. Her CD set is a powerful healing tool that will definitely improve your life!”

William S. T.
“Gale is amazing. I had reached out to her halfway through the book thinking I was going to get a generic response and she actually personally reached out to me and we have spoken via the telephone. This is not about making money for her; she genuinely cares and believes in her system. She could have roped me into buying more products, and yet she actually encouraged me that I was on the right path, there was no need to purchase anything more and to keep her abreast of my progress.”

Fiction Geek
“The author understands how the human mind works in its vast complexity. She explains what it all means and how you can accomplish what you want to with great compassion and depth”

Dwight T.
“…Gale uses not only her knowledge and wisdom but mixes sincerity/caring into her personal missions that generate extraordinary results.  With total trust,  I recommend Gale and her unlimited abilities in her field.”

John O’Boyle
(Producer and winner of two Tony Awards)

“Gale not only explores the mind/body relationship and how it can be healed and bolstered, she adds the spiritual as well. I never thought of self-hypnosis as an alternative to meditation. Gale has opened up a new world to me and my creativity.”

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