“Gale is amazing. Fate led me to her. I wasn’t looking for her, or hypnosis or anything like it. But the universe had different plans. It gave me a random Amazon suggestion to listen to Gale’s RYS audiobook, and once I listened to it, I knew I had to call. When I called Gale to explore hypnosis, I was inspired to move forward with her as my facilitator. Something had been bothering me a long time and no one else was able to help me. Gale explained the answers likely were in my subconscious and that Reprogramming Hypnosis could help. This is not about money for Gale; she believes with her heart and soul in what she does and makes it happen. On the same day after I had my hypnosis session with Gale, my mother stopped by to see me. Soon my mother was in tears with how different, forthright and “real” I was being with her. She knew something within me had changed significantly. It was the changes I had made in my subconscious programming with Gale’s assistance and her audiobook had started it all.”

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