Roberto H.

This audiobook is narrated by the author herself, which makes a huge difference. Often a great book is spoiled by a narrator who reads but not really coherent with the content. Not on this one. Gale is enthusiastic about the matter, speaks from the heart and shares many of her practical experience. I knew about hypnosis but did not realize how far reaching the damage can go, to the point of preventing someone from healing. This book was an eye opener in what hypnosis can do and how it can be done by oneself. I tried many subliminal and self hypnosis audio before, without success. This program was recommended by a friend who is a hypnotherapist. The book led to having a session with Gale, using a personalized script. It was a joy working with her. She is meticulous, thorough and goes in much more details than other tapes I’ve seen.

After the session, I could feel the difference, which was a bit similar to the feeling one gets after having a Reiki empowerment or a veil / fog that has been lifted off one’s head. She doesn’t want to create dependence on only her as the practitioner. Rather she wants to empower the subject so that the subject can do this on their own.

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