Sharon Castanteen, Bergen County, NJ

This is what I would say from the heart and in truth:

I feel that, by sleeping with those thoughts in my mind, asleep, when there is little resistance, I am definitely putting good things into my vibrational reserve. I normally wake up anxious from a mini-nightmare, heart palpitating. Not so when I fall asleep with the CD. I think it is strengthening my ability, in the awake state, to go inward and clean up my negative beliefs and negative thinking. Gale’s voice is completely soothing (and we all need soothing) and the imagery is powerful. When I bring up the image of the stones in my mind during the day I feel instantly peaceful. Focusing on good thoughts and holding that throughout the night during sleep is a brilliant way to change your life.

[Gale’s note: Sharon is referring to her personalized CD created during her HypnoCounseling session]