Kate Franklin , Mendham, NJ

Hypnotherapy was a valuable part of my healing process. It helped me to think positively about my health. Instead of saying “I hope I will get better”, I learned to say, “I am getting better every day”. I began hypnotherapy sessions with Gale to help me overcome food allergies and Candida which is a yeast overgrowth. Although I am still working on the food allergies, my last Candida test was negative. I truly believe that the hypnotherapy was an [...]

R. B., Essex County

When I came to you for help with my aversion to fresh fruits and vegetables, I had no idea how hypnotherapy could be effective. I hadn’t been able to eat these foods for some 30 years. If I tried, I would just get so nauseous, I couldn’t eat any of them. Hypno-counseling turned out to be such an easy method of just switching things around for me. After just two sessions, I was able to eat the first banana [...]