C.S., Los Angeles, CA

I started listening to Relax, Release and Dream On over three years ago when my father passed away. I had already been under terrible stress with other health issues; yet, that was a time of the worst stress. I found Relax, Release and Dream On really helped me to get through that awful sadness and anxiety. I have continued to use this CD for coping with high levels of stress and for gaining more control.

Elizabeth Meyers, Bergen County, NJ

I was doubtful that anyone or anything could eliminate my problems with my stomach. In a short period of time, Gale Glassner Twersky helped me to heal it and relieve my anxieties in other areas. She came highly recommended and I am happy to do the same so others could be helped.


Sleep and Anxiety Testimonial Categories: My name is Angela Buck and I am 61 years old. I live in London UK and recently for the first time in my life had to work and make an income to live on. I have no pension, no husband and no alternative form of income, so three years ago I started investing in property – the road has been rocky but I am still in there and have learnt an enormous amount...

Anne L.

As you know I have been traveling back and forth from the East coast to the West coast over the past year to visit with my brother. It has been a trying time and we have been going through a lot because of the extensive treatment for his cancer. I have gotten into the habit of listening to your CDs while I am on the plane as a means of relaxing me so I can sleep and also as...