Terry B. from Seattle, WA

Gale is a brilliant and accomplished healer who, through caring and inspired sleuthing, found the reason for a lifelong phobia that had recently become crippling to me. I’d seen numerous practitioners of lots of modalities in a desperate attempt to rid myself of this problem. Gale was the only one who got to the bottom of it, and she did it practically immediately. What was wonderfully convenient is that we did this work over the phone and on Skype–I [...]

J.G., Essex County, NJ

My son had been under the care of Gale Glassner as a result of fears he experienced from watching a scary movie. Before he was seen by Gale, he used to wake up several times a night complaining of how frightened he was about the movie. He was also afraid of going near any wooded areas, as the movie took place in the woods. After just two treatments of hypnosis, counseling, and take-home exercises, in about a month, my [...]