About Gale’s paperback/eBook edition of Reprogram Your Subconscious: How to Use Hypnosis to Get What You Really Want


I was going through many changes in my life several years ago all at one time which caused me to have anxiety attacks. I did not know who to turn to and then I found Gale. She explained to me how hypnosis works and after 6 sessions I felt like a different person. I am so happy she published this book which everyone can use as a reference guide. You will find how to perform self-hypnosis and use the [...]


I have been reading your book when I can and have found it very insightful and full of well written material. I expected nothing less. I like the way you present it and make it known that such therapy puts the control into our hands and that hypnosis isn’t some black magic . I think that’s why so many people don’t believe in it cause they would then have to take responsibility for their own success rather than leaving [...]

A. Orzel (Clifton, NJ), Manual for Better Living

Even though I was involved in the creation of this book…this review comes from personal experience. Gale’s techniques and case studies are a great guide to evaluate subconscious programs which have a potential to have negative repercussions on our lives. In conjunction with the “Relax, release and dream on” CD, this book is a great tool to start changing your life for the better. You realize the only person standing in the way of achieving your goals….is you.