One – Two Day Intensive Care Retreat

Julie Clayson

After listening twice daily to reprogramming your subconscious CDs for about 40 days, I felt I was ready to connect with Gale via email and phone and eventually made an appointment to see her. I have a history of not being able to leave the house, being filled by fear and anxiety; I was my own prisoner. I had been hospitalized for wanting to end my life. I have been on medications all of my life and I am [...]

Julie Clayson (Follow Up)

Almost one month later to the day, I am continuing my journey of rediscovery.  Since the visit with Gale and personal session, I feel free.  I just re-listened to the personalized CD she made for me and I feel  so calm and relaxed.  It’s hard to remember that one of my fears had been walking up the stairs to work on my art.  I had a block, coupled with extreme anxiety and couldn’t face the stairs to put anything together.  [...]