Pain Management


My husband had a knee replacement 3 months before me and I saw the terrible pain he went through during the post surgery hospital stay. Before I had to go in for my knee replacement, I turned to hypnosis for help. Gale came recommended to me by my cousin who had used Gale for her kidney operation. I was very frightened of the knee replacement operation especially anticipating the pain that would be involved with the surgery. I went [...]

L.K., NJ

Suddenly I learned I needed cancer surgery. I panicked and was terrified of every facet of the procedure and all that it implied. No once could alleviate my extreme terror and concerns … I was alone in dealing with my feelings. Through HypnoCounseling … I actually became calm and serene, sleeping like a baby every night before the surgery so that I was fully rested going into the operating room. In addition, my recovery period was pain-free and uneventful. [...]

Charlotte, Morris County, NJ

Gale Twersky is a great HypnoCounselor who helped me recognize through hypnosis how traumas of my past had been affecting my present issues. This June 04 Gale successfully helped me through the fear and pain of hip surgery. I feel my work with Gale made a significant difference in my complete recovery. My doctors said that they were amazed how much better I healed than others with my same condition. Following Gale’s program including listening to her tapes were [...]

William E. Hayek

Over the last two years I have depended upon Gale Glassner Twersky as my facilitator/mentor and guiding force in my trip through understanding my past from a subconscious viewpoint. Through her hypnotic guided imagery CDs, 9-CD program and companion book (Reprogram you Subconscious: How to Use Hypnosis to Get What You Really Want), I was able to reconstruct negative periods of my past life that subconsciously continued to skew my interpretation of reality and how I interact in it. [...]

E.N., Morris Country, NJ

Thank you, Gale, for helping me through a very traumatic time in my life. You prepared me for the medical procedure that I had been dreading and avoiding for months. With your help, I stayed relaxed throughout. Even my doctor said he wished all his patients were that relaxed.