Public Speaking & Stage Fright

H.L., Montclair, NJ

I came to Gale for help with the dread and anxiety I felt about giving presentations. Our hypnosis sessions were incredibly valuable and effective. In a very short amount of time, we were able to uncover past experiences that had led me to feel this anxiety and replace those experiences with positive messages. Gale also coached me on actual public speaking techniques, such as, pacing, inflection, and connecting with my audience. On the day of the presentation I was [...]

MM, Essex County, NJ

I always felt very uncomfortable speaking in large groups. I always felt this was something that hindered my ability to achieve my highest potential in my career. As a mother, I always feared my children would learn to be shy like I was. Hypnosis has made me feel relaxed and at ease in all social situations, both business and personal. It has vastly improved my life. I only wish it was something I discovered years ago!

Sincerely, P.T. A., Morris County, NJ

I just wanted to express my extreme pleasure with the success I am now enjoying, thanks to you and your fine tuned techniques for public speaking. Your sincere approach, thoughtful guidance and assurance, made for a perfect combination of skills rarely found in professionals such as yourself. I can honestly say now, public presentations are actually fun–no longer the dreadful experience they once were.

Judy, Morris County, NJ

I was very nervous and uncomfortable speaking in front of a group. I had already been to other Hypnotherapists and therapists seeking some relief, but nothing seemed to help. Gale taught me public speaking skills and also used hypnosis. I have found these techniques so helpful that I just completed a presentation to a group without the slightest bit of nervousness.