C.J., NJ

The process of hypnosis was successful for me on several levels. Prior to seeing Gale, I had been struggling with feelings of self-doubt and sadness due to aging and related issues. Through her personally-tailored tapes, Gale was able to subsitute a very positive message to replace the old negative thoughts. It resulted in a remarkable change in my view of the future…now I am aware of the possibilities rather than the limitations! Additionally, the hypnosis tapes are a great [...]

Maria F., Essex County, NJ

I went to Gale at a time when nobody was able to help me. Medications were not working and I felt totally discouraged. After my very first session, I realized such a change that no one could believe it. I had changed medications so many times but nothing made me feel so whole again as going through the hypnosis techniques with Gale. Hypnosis was the best thing I could have done to help myself. It was like breaking through [...]