M.D, from New Jersey

Gale, your CD “Relax, Release and Dream On” is wonderful. It has helped me from the very first time I used it. It definitely has helped me to relax and sleep better. I usually fall asleep fast and wake up feeling so refreshed. Both during the evenings and throughout the days I find that I am controlling my stress and anxiety a lot more. I am really delighted with its helpful guided imagery and the soothing background music; and [...]

Janet Harms, Bernardsville, NJ

I’ve had a good night’s sleep every night since I saw Gale and started listening to the tape she made for our session. I used to take one half of a sleeping pill every night because I needed to guarantee a good night’s sleep due to my business which required an inordinate amount of energy every day. My mind was overactive with stress from my business so it was difficult to fall asleep and then when I awoke during [...]

Claudine, Essex County, NJ

Hypnosis is a Godsend! I have suffered through the most difficult year of my adulthood. The stress level was beyond 10 on my meter. I developed fears and anxiety to the point where it affected my health. I fould myself out of breath angry and had major bouts of insomnia. Once I began my sessions with Gale, I have transformed into a well rested, even tempered person. I love it! The best part is I can hypnotize myself and incomrporate [...]

K’Dee C.

My only regret regarding HypnoCounseling? I wish I’d found it sooner! I cannot even begin to express enough gratitude for the results I have experienced. I’m finally able to sleep at night after two years of sleep deprivation. The relationships in my life continue to improve more and more each day, as does my self-confidence and ability to handle anything that is thrown my way. I can say without a doubt, for the first time in my 23 years [...]