Sports Enhancement

By John Mora

Hello Gale: About 10 years ago, you created a sport enhancement CD to improve my tennis game. I was interested in creating another one and would like to know if you still do that. I was looking through the previous script from 10 years ago and saw I was rated 3.0 at the time with aspirations to be 4.0. I’m actually 3.5 in USTA and 4.5 in another league, so, if you split the difference, I guess I’ve achieved my goal! [...]

W.S., Morris Country, NJ

My gratitude for the help you have given me in enhancing my control and relaxation techniques. Since my session with you, the help of the audiotape, and now having the ability to perform self-hypnosis, I am able to maintain a peaceful, calm, and controlled demeanor…I cannot remember when I have felt more relaxed and have been in more control of my life. I have found myself calmer while driving…my golf game has improved; I am hitting the ball better [...]