R. B., Morris Country, NJ

What a wonderful experience your hypnosis session was for me…Although I was skeptical at our initial meeting, I’m now convinced that your gift is quite special and I would recommend your services to everyone. Thank you for helping to deal with a great deal of the stress in my daily life and providing me a method to maintain clarity in my business.

F.B., Morris County, NJ

After only two hypnotherapy sessions with my Hypno-counselor, Gale Glassner Twersky, I have trained myself to use self-hypnosis successfully in treating my mental and medical problems. Using this relaxation technique has benefited me by effectively reducing my tinnitus symptoms (noise in the ear), improving my sleep patterns, losing weight and enhancing my ability to cope with stress. It took time, dedication, patience, persistence and practice. We have all been provided with a powerful mechanism to help us in the [...]

Claudine, Essex County, NJ

Hypnosis is a Godsend! I have suffered through the most difficult year of my adulthood. The stress level was beyond 10 on my meter. I developed fears and anxiety to the point where it affected my health. I fould myself out of breath angry and had major bouts of insomnia. Once I began my sessions with Gale, I have transformed into a well rested, even tempered person. I love it! The best part is I can hypnotize myself and incomrporate [...]

L.C. , Morris County, NJ

Gale and her hpnosis have changed my entire thought-process. I now realize that I have a place to go and something positive I can do for myself and with myself to make my personal issues more tolerable. Gale has the most soothing voice and a warm and caring personality. Thank you, Gale!

Bernard D’Avella President/D&D Millwork Co. Inc., NJ

I am very pleased to have this opportunity to not only acknowledge the great help that Gale has given me to resolve a number of personal issues but also I hope to encourage others to take this opportunity to use Gale’s gifts for their owe benefit. Gale uses not only her knowledge and wisdom but mixes sincerity and caring into her personal missions that generate extraordinary results. It is with total trust that I recommend Gale and her unlimited [...]