Weight Control


One of the problems that we have addressed and that previously drove me insane was EMOTIONAL EATING I used to eat for various reasons from stress to comfort. Hypnosis was my last option after going through “Weight Watchers”, “NutriSystem”, “TlS weight loss system”, “Hydroxicut”, including many other diets like one meal a day, fiber diet, and vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan diets. I tried it all for the matter of a fact I was dieting since I was 14 years old. But [...]

Jesse P., Montclair, NJ

I was referred to Gale by my new Internist. He said try hypnosis with Gale. I was desperate. I was 220 lbs. This was after being run over by a car and in terrible shape, both physically and emotionally. I felt I had nothing left to try. Over the course of seven months to a year, I lost 80 lbs! It was a very deliberate, and steady progression, and I have kept it off for a year. I had [...]

Dana Berry, Upper Montclair, NJ

After only two sessions of hypnosis, we dealt with my issues of overeating. I have now lost the weight I wanted to lose and am keeping it off. Then we worked on my over-spending and after only one session I was able to get back into following my budget. This has brought joy and so much less stress into my life. Thank you from my heart. You are a talented, intuitive and skilled hypnotist. Please use me as a [...]

G.R., Morris Country, NJ

The session itself was a very calming experience. It took my stress away and helped me find a very special place in my mind where I continue to go to take a small break each day. After only two months I have lost 15 lbs. and have not had another migraine headache. Gale, you have made a tremendous difference in both my professional and personal life.

D.C., Essex County, NJ

Gale’s soothing voice and poignant imagery has opened my mind to the possibility of success. I have begun to build new thought patterns concerning my weight that I thought were not possible. Her recordings provide a support system that you can rely on. They provide hope where once there was none. Changing my mind about long held habits felt impossible, the tapes have changed that.

F.B., Morris County, NJ

After only two hypnosis sessions with my HypnoCounselor, Gale Glassner Twersky, I have trained myself to use self-hypnosis to successfully treat my problems. Using this relaxation technique has benefited me by effectively reducing my tinnitus symptoms (noise in the ear), improving my sleep patterns, losing weight and enhancing my ability to cope with stress. It took time, dedication, patience, persistence and practice. We have all been provided with a powerful mechanism to help us in the treatment of mental [...]

M of Essex County, NJ

Hypnosis got right to the root of the matter for me. It helped me realize the emotional connection I had with food and dieting. Past events in my childhood led me to perceive myself as a failure. I connected that perception to my eating habits of bingeing and yo-yo dieting. I realized through hypnosis that in order to change, I had to let that perception of myself go. This awareness was the first step to change.

L.F., Morris County

Hypnosis has helped me to begin losing weight, slowly and steadily, without the tension, anxiety and guilt that accompanied previous attempts to lose weight. Just as important as shedding the pounds, is the new, positive image I have of myself. Hypnosis has helped me accept that I am important and deserve to take care of myself.