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Mental/Emotional Testimonials

In Reprogram Your Subconscious: How to Use Self-Hypnosis to Get What You Really Want, Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H. has provided an engaging and readable overview of self-hypnosis with examples and techniques relevant to the lay and professional readers alike. Describing hypnosis as an adjunct rather than a replacement for professional health care, Gale removes the negative connotations and addresses the myths about hypnosis. Multiple rich vignettes describe how the subconscious operates, and how HypnoCounseling utilizes self-hypnosis to help clients to overcome negative subconscious programs. Her pleasant, conversational style offers steps for self-hypnosis, detailed scripts with guided imagery, and alternative techniques to facilitate mind-body-spirit connections for the individual. The appendices provide a wealth of further information on dealing with specific issues, follow-up exercises to optimize progress, along with a glossary and bibliography of relevant works. As a bonus, her CD Relax, Release, and Dream On, is made available for personal use.
  • Jang

“I was a smoker for 15 plus years and had tried to quit smoking many times. The only time I was successful was when I was pregnant but as soon as I gave birth, there I was again buying a pack of cigarettes. Then my friend told me about Gale. He advised me that he smoked for 16 years and through hypnosis he was able to quit. I was desperate to quit. One of my closest friends had just died of lung cancer. So I called Gale Glassner Twersky and on Feb 18, 2005, she changed my life. Within a few days I was smoke free. With the help of Gale, I can now breathe better and live a much happier life than being a prisoner of nicotine. Today, Oct. 6, 08, I remain a non-smoker.”


  • Alda M.

I was doubtful that anyone or anything could eliminate my problems with my stomach. In a short period of time, Gale Glassner Twersky helped me to heal it and relieve my anxieties in other areas. She came highly recommended and I am happy to do the same so others could be helped.


  • Elizabeth Meyers, NJ

Using my Reprogramming Hypnosis control, I can generally arrest the tremor, for a short time, within about 10 seconds. Folks really should be able to benefit as much as I do from the subconscious mind control that hypnosis offers.


  • W. Lamson, NJ

Hypnosis is a Godsend! I have suffered through the most difficult year of my adulthood. The stress level was beyond 10 on my meter. I developed fears and anxiety to the point where it affected my health. I found myself out of breath angry and had major bouts of insomnia. Once I began my sessions with Gale, I have transformed into a well-rested, even tempered person. I love it! The best part is I can hypnotize myself and incorporate many of the techniques taught to me in my everyday life.


  • Claudine C., NJ

“Gale is amazing. Fate led me to her. I wasn’t looking for her, or hypnosis or anything like it. But the universe had different plans. It gave me a random Amazon suggestion to listen to Gale’s RYS audiobook, and once I listened to it, I knew I had to call. When I called Gale to explore hypnosis, I was inspired to move forward with her as my facilitator. Something had been bothering me a long time and no one else was able to help me. Gale explained the answers likely were in my subconscious and that Reprogramming Hypnosis could help. This is not about money for Gale; she believes with her heart and soul in what she does and makes it happen. On the same day after I had my hypnosis session with Gale, my mother stopped by to see me. Soon my mother was in tears with how different, forthright and “real” I was being with her. She knew something within me had changed significantly. It was the changes I had made in my subconscious programming with Gale’s assistance and her audiobook had started it all.”


  • Danny

“The material is simple and profound. … in the course of 7-8 hours, I felt as though I absorbed a lifetime of this author’s work. I have engaged in hundreds of transformational books, CDs and tapes over that last decade …this one is among the top 10.”


  • Amazon Purchaser

“I have been using the author’s Reprogram Your Subconscious products for several years and it is a fantastic program. Her approach is very accessible for those who are new to meditation and with regular practice I absolutely saw results in my sleep and inner peace of mind. Highly recommended for those seeking an alternative to sleep aids or conventional therapy.”

  • Los Angelina

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