HypnoCounseling Testimonials

By Bill Hayek

The answer to the unexplainable many times is right in front of us. We exhaust other alternative rationalization only to return to the most apparent conclusion. Over the past two years I have come to know and admire Gale Glassner Twersky as my mentor and guiding force in my trip through my past. Through her CD’s and companion Book (Reprogram Your Subconscious) I was able to reconstruct negative periods of my past life that subconsciously continued to skew my [...]

By Jimmy

Jimmy 's Five Cents Worth post to Evelyn, Hi Evelyn, Thanks for this great list. They are all practical and easy to implement. May I share one other method that seemed to have worked for me lately? Just 2-3 weeks back, I was really having a terrible time at home. I was on national service training for three weeks. Hence, I did not get the chance to go home often during those three weeks. My wife went absolutely mad because home front [...]

By John Mora

Hello Gale: About 10 years ago, you created a sport enhancement CD to improve my tennis game. I was interested in creating another one and would like to know if you still do that. I was looking through the previous script from 10 years ago and saw I was rated 3.0 at the time with aspirations to be 4.0. I’m actually 3.5 in USTA and 4.5 in another league, so, if you split the difference, I guess I’ve achieved my goal! [...]

By Will Lampson

Dear Gale, This gift of amethyst crystals is just a small reminder of how you are not forgotten and how much you mean to all of us who have been fortunate to know you, learn from you, and discover how to improve just about anything in our lives and reprogram ourselves. Your teachings are such a natural extension of your persona that these words may make it difficult for you to hear the praise and thanks that your students would otherwise [...]

By Cath, NJ

Someone at work showed me Gale Glassner Twersky's business info and said, "I think this woman can help you." Oh, was she ever right! Gale's relatively few hypnosis sessions plus her CDs and book, Reprogram Your Subconscious: how to use hypnosis to get what you really want have been helping me for over ten years. When I first came to Gale's office in 2004, I had so much anxiety, lack of sleep and was not eating well (anorexia), so [...]

Sharon Castanteen, Bergen County, NJ

This is what I would say from the heart and in truth: I feel that, by sleeping with those thoughts in my mind, asleep, when there is little resistance, I am definitely putting good things into my vibrational reserve. I normally wake up anxious from a mini-nightmare, heart palpitating. Not so when I fall asleep with the CD. I think it is strengthening my ability, in the awake state, to go inward and clean up my negative beliefs and negative [...]

Julie Clayson

After listening twice daily to reprogramming your subconscious CDs for about 40 days, I felt I was ready to connect with Gale via email and phone and eventually made an appointment to see her. I have a history of not being able to leave the house, being filled by fear and anxiety; I was my own prisoner. I had been hospitalized for wanting to end my life. I have been on medications all of my life and I am [...]

Terry B., Seattle WA

Gale is a brilliant and accomplished healer who, through caring and inspired sleuthing, found the reason for a lifelong phobia that had recently become crippling to me. I’d seen numerous practitioners of lots of modalities in a desperate attempt to rid myself of this problem. Gale was the only one who got to the bottom of it, and she did it practically immediately. What was wonderfully convenient is that we did this work over the phone and on Skype–I [...]

Julie Clayson (Follow Up)

Almost one month later to the day, I am continuing my journey of rediscovery.  Since the visit with Gale and personal session, I feel free.  I just re-listened to the personalized CD she made for me and I feel  so calm and relaxed.  It's hard to remember that one of my fears had been walking up the stairs to work on my art.  I had a block, coupled with extreme anxiety and couldn't face the stairs to put anything together.  [...]