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Reprogram Your Subconscious for Self-Discipline:

Author and Narrator: Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H.

Enjoy this hypnotic guided imagery that gently guides you with Gale’s soothing voice into deep relaxation. It relaxes every muscle, ligament and tendon as well as every part of your body as it also clears the mind for deep relaxation. Consequently, you transition into a state of serene peace, harmony, balance and a sense of self-healing. While in hypnosis, a natural altered state of consciousness like meditation, you gain direct access to your Suggestible Subconscious Mind and thu,s gain the power to program and reprogram it with the proper wording and motivating strategies.

This hypnotic guided imagery audio includes a cleansing of your subconsciously stored negative emotions. After releasing the negative emotions, you draw in the positive emotions. It specifically focuses on downloading the benefit of positive thinking and positive attitudes. Additionally, strong self-esteem suggestions such as trusting and believing in yourself, believing and accepting who you are unconditionally. The main focus, however, is centered on subconsciously reinforcing and utilizing your self-discipline so it is easy and automatic. Thus, your self-discipline is consistent and goal oriented to get what you want. The Reprogramming Hypnosis suggestions further motivate you to feel confident and comfortable calling upon your strong self-discipline that is always there to serve your success and happiness. This is great subconscious motivation to stay on track so you achieve your goals.