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Relax, Release & Dream On:
This audio is a free bonus with purchase of any edition of RYS 2016 edition Gildan Media

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Relax, Release and Dream On was originally created and recorded by Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H., Ct. H.A., a board certified HypnoCounselor/ teacher to introduce her clients to deep relaxation which allowed for her hypnotic guided imagery to lessen the effects of her clients’ anxieties, fears and other negative emotions.

Relax, Release and Dream On seeks to replace negative emotions with feelings of calm, harmony, balance and peace of mind while simultaneously allowing the listener to enjoy a rejuvenating respite and when played at bedtime, a deeply restful night’s sleep. Gale’s soothing voice is accompanied by relaxing music that plays in the background and for the last track, continues solo for another 30 minutes.

Due to the overwhelming positive response of so many clients, Gale was inspired to offer her CD to the general public. In 2004, Nightingale-Conant Corp, a highly respected leader in the CD publishing field, partnered with Gale based on the staff’s positive evaluation of Relax, Release and Dream On which subsequently became the prototype for her currently “Top Selling” 9 CD series, Reprogram Your Subconscious: How to Use Hypnosis to Get What You Really Want.

This CD contains no subliminal messages and the listeners are instructed to accept only what is within their ethics, moral and religious beliefs while rejecting the rest. The listener is the “master” of this journey, Gale is you guide. The positive effects of listening to this CD have been reported to increase with consistent daily use.

Furthermore, the listener benefits from hearing this CD whether in awake or sleeping state.

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32 reviews for Relax, Release & Dream On:
This audio is a free bonus with purchase of any edition of RYS 2016 edition Gildan Media

  1. Very helpful!!!!

    Very helpful!!!!
    This audio cd has helped me to relax when I am just stressed beyond belief! I definitely recommend this to everyone who wants to just let go!!

  2. B. Libertad

    It truly works
    The best sleep I have ever had. I have listened to it several times since receiving, and I have yet to hear the end. I am always fast asleep before getting there.

  3. Arden S. Epstein

    Peace of Mind
    Relax, Release, Dream On uses self-hypnosis to guide the listener’s attention inward. This inward journey moves the listener toward healing by releasing old wounds and forgiving those who have hurt us and also forgiving ourselves.

    Gale includes healing spiritual images of light and love which make this CD a great addition to any spiritual practice. In addition to personal growth, Relax, Release, and Dream On is a wonderful aid for those who suffer from Insomnia.

  4. David Emery

    It truly works
    Before I listened to “Relax, Release and Dream On”, I had serious problems every night falling asleep. Typically I would toss and turn for 2-3 hours. In the morning, I was exhausted. Now that I’m listening to Gale’s CD, I fall asleep almost immediately and sleep through the night. If I ever awaken, I just put her CD back on and immediately return to a peaceful sleep. Nothing else had ever helped me like this CD.

  5. Mindy Day-Hodges

    Very effective. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  6. George Roberts

    What we all need!
    This is a CD we all need in today’s hectic, information-overloaded world. Gale connects with a truly soothing delivery and with a simple yet incredibly effective method, allowing me to unwind and forget about the stresses of the day. Furthermore, it unlocks the potential of our most powerful tool, the brain. Gale’s positive aura is present and the CD helps me obtain a good night’s sleep.

    I recommend this to everyone who needs to be able to relax, release and dream on in order to fulfil their dreams!

  7. Diania Merriam

    I love this CD!
    Gale is truly talented when it comes to guiding you into relaxation. I love the sound of her voice, its really soothing and comforting. After listening to many of her CDs, its amazing to see how my life has changed since I first was introduced to her work back in November. Since then I stopped smoking, found a job, became more organized, lost weight, and the list just goes on and on. But the best part is I’m a happier person that can fully enjoy all these wonderful improvements in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend this CD!!!

  8. Milly

    “Relax, Release and Dream On” is a wonderful CD. It has helped me from the
    very first time I used it. It definitely has helped me to relax and sleep better. I usually fall asleep fast and wake up feeling so refreshed. Both during the evening and throughout the day I find that I am controlling my stress and anxiety a lot more. I am really delighted with its helpful guided imagery and the soothing background music; and I love the positive affirmations. Every night I look forward to using this CD. Great work Gale!

  9. Bob Epstein

    This is a wonderful tool. I sprained by back. After doing everything the doctors advised me to, I was still in occasional pain. Now, wherever I hurt, I put this cd on. By the end of the cd, the pain is gone. I am pain free without having to take additional medication. Thank you, Gale, for this non-medical way to relieve back pain

  10. Sunshine

    This is a very calming CD. Gale Glassner’s soothing voice and positive imagery lulls the listener into a completely relaxed state, where all stress melts away. Not only for use as a sleep aid, Gale’s narrative brings a positive state of mind and a great sense of well being. Truly a tonic for the soul.

  11. B. Libertad

    The best sleep I have ever had. I have listened to it several times since receiving, and I have yet to hear the end. I am always fast asleep before getting there.

  12. ROBERT

    This is one of the best relaxation/hypnosis recordings I’ve ever found
    This is one of the best relaxation/hypnosis recordings I’ve ever found. The script is polished and has subtle suggestions built in.

  13. A. Orzel

    A peaceful sleep
    A friend of mine was staying over, and was tossing & turning in his sleep. Within few minutes of putting Gale’s CD on, he stopped tossing and had a very restful sleep. When he woke up in the AM he was more

  14. Snarkyshark

    Fanastic for personal and clinical use!!!! I would recommend this for anyone
    As a counselor working with teenagers in a rough neighborhood, many in foster care, or wards of the state…I have found that many, even at age 16 to 18, have never left the confines of the city, and the only park they have ever been to is where the drugs are sold. Essentially, many do not know how it is to have a sense of calm and relaxation. I have used this CD in my clinical practice, as an introduction to other forms of coping w/ stress, anxiety, and relaxation in addition to other “traditionally western” methods. Many teenagers, from your toughest drug dealing teen, to severely traumatized child has reported that this CD helped them truly relax and learn how to breathe and calm down on their own. (Many of those that reported positive results, had been to intensive treatment centers and were taught meditation, but did not like just sitting there and didn’t understand how it was supposed to relax them) However, this CD, they reported, was the first time they learned how to really relax and calm down by using breathing and their mind.
    This CD is a great for people interested in learning how to calm down and relax naturally. It is a wonderful supplement to anyone’s self-care, coping activities, personal therapy, stress reduction, or bed-time routine. I believe it is important to have an arsenal of support and positive activities for every person; as much as possible in your schedule. This CD has done wonders for some of my clients, and I use it at home as well– when I am stressed or can’t sleep and other practices or meditation fails me. This CD never does! Thank you Gale!

  15. Discerning Angeleno

    A transformative journey
    Relax Release and Dream On provides you with a guide, in Gale Glassner Twersky, who leads you into a place of calm reflection. This recorded guided meditation has helped me relax during waking hours as well as relax prior to sleeping. I find that the more I listen, the better I respond to Gale’s voice and prompts to take the body and mind deeper and deeper into a relaxed state. Just the sound of Gale’s soothing voice and encouraging tones promote a feeling of calm in me. I think that this guided meditation will be useful to people working to overcome anxiety, stress, restlessness and overactive mind, whether working to accomplish major life changes or simply to assist in sleeping more easily and restfully. I particularly enjoy the visualization exercises. Relax, Release and Dream On is a necessary life tool!

  16. MARVA

    Relax Release & Dream On- The most effective products on the market that produces great results
    Relax, Release and Dream On is the #1 CD for me. Gale’s words and voice have a healing quality that feels like you are being renewed with positive energy. This CD is loaded with powerful, soothing/relaxing techniques that seem to automatically create positive change and inner healing. You can free yourself from sleeping pills, enjoy new positive energy and enjoy inner peace/ tranquility on a daily basis.

    I have had adjust to the changes and demands of today’s tough times of stress, anxiety, fear, negativity, anger, mind chatter and sadness. It has produced what felt like a ruthless mind virus that created imbalance and generated turmoil within me. I felt like I had lost my bearings.

    For months, I could not sleep at all likely due to being overwhelmed by stress, anxiety and my self-esteem being crushed. How could this happen to me? I had a long and strong background in counseling and in Mental Health. How did I become a victim? My life appeared to be a day to day struggle. Some days it seemed to be unmanageable. However, I was determined to find an effective solution. I read numerous books that strongly characterized the functions of the mind as specifically the conscious and subconscious mind. I purchased best seller programs about the mind/body and spirit connection. I purchased 3 complete copies of the “The Secret; an excellent concept to begin the motivational process. Yet, “The Secret” only provided a partial foundation to understand how to generate a healthy/positive thought process for inner healing.

    I had some serious blocks and destructive limited beliefs stuck in my subconscious mind and they had to be addressed. All the prior studies, books and CD programs that I had referenced in the past were unable to break down and simplify the process for understanding how the subconscious mind works.

    But one wonderful day, the creator of life and light lead me to Gale Glassner. I decided to give her creative techniques a chance. I thank God everyday for directing me to Gale’s CD Relax, Release and Dream On. Now I can sleep without struggle. Exercising was a daily part of my life since I was 14, I could not motivate myself to do any form of exercise for the past 5 years. Thanks to Gale’s CD, I walk at least a mile each day. My energy level is increasing and my self-esteem is greatly improving. I had forgotten what a dream was. I had not dreamed in 5 years. Currently, I dream 2-3 times a week. I thought dreaming was a deleted program from within my mind and spirit. The CD Relax, Release and Dream On provided significant progress for me. My light is on once again and is shining brighter. I would recommend the CD for children of all ages, teenagers, adults, seniors and especially for you. If you are in need of healing in various areas in your life start with this CD and create a happier, more peaceful and healthier life. Reward yourself and your loved ones with daily relaxation, effective meditation and the calming guidance from Gale. It really works!

  17. M.F.

    she guides me out of that bubble of stress into deep relaxation
    I have a difficult time sleeping due to stress, over worrying about the next day, things to do, yada yada…and I hate taking sleeping pills to sleep. After reading reviews, I decided to purchase this on itunes…that same night I slept like a baby….been doing so for the last 4 days. I haven’t listened to the end part, havent made it there yet. She guides me out of that bubble of stress into freedom and deep relaxation. Even when I wake up in the middle of the night before I begin to stress, I’ll play it again and within minutes. I’m out. I recommend it. Finally I’ve been sleeping better without pills.

  18. FB

    This one really stands out
    I have experienced chronic insomnia for many, many years and can honestly say that I have tried more things to help me sleep than could be read in an entire book. I had incredible results from the very first time I tried this CD and fell deeply asleep early into the program. At first I thought it had to be a coincidence but it kept on working so well that I had to wait for a day that I was particularly “up” so I could listen to the whole thing. Since then I’ve not only used it for sleeping but also for just relaxing during the day. After having tried so many other CD’s which did nothing at all, I’m thrilled to finally have something that works. It’s existance in my life has helped reduce the stress that any insomniac comes to know just from the fear of not being able to sleep… knowing that I have this ally is truly wonderful. What I love the most about it, is Ms. Glassner Twersky’s speaking style. It is so refreshing to be hearing a normal, pleasant voice and not some sappy, whiny, over “acted” voice as has been the case with many others that tended to feel forced and were too distracting and even irritating for me. Ms. Glassner sounds like a good friend talking to you and I believe it’s that down home authenticity that she brings to her work that makes this CD so effective.

  19. Cynthia Phillips

    The Amazing Gail Glassner! My family is transformed!
    I am so grateful to Gail, her program has helped my two boys with ADD so very much. They listen to her program at night which helps them to both relax for bedtime and over time helped them to be a more calm and focused during the day. My 5 year old asks for “Gail” as if he knows her. I enjoy listening myself and feel the benefits as well. I sleep so much better which means I’m full energy during the day but also experience a better sense of calmness, focus and what I call “happy peace”. Sounds all flower child (which I’m not) but it is what it is – and the results are measurable. With my, sometimes, chaotic life of family and work I can use every bit of positive influence I can get. This program is a winner! And, you Gail are amazing!

  20. KL Jackson

    This REALLY works!
    This greatly improved my quality of sleep! I’m a nurse who works 12 hour night shifts. I sometimes have problems sleeping during the day. The first time I listened, I only got through the first 5-10 minutes before falling asleep. The days I don’t listen, I definitely notice a difference in my sleep! This is a great addition to any bedtime routine!

  21. No Name

    A top notch guided imagery relaxation CD
    A top notch guided imagery relaxation CD from a superb hypnotherapist. I purchased this CD as part of Gale’s excellent 8 CD set “Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind”. I play this CD before I go to sleep at night and, as one of the other reviewers also said, I have yet to hear the end of it. Besides putting me to sleep, it also seems to make my sleep more refreshing.
    I have had the good fortune to see Gale personally for hypnotherapy sessions. She is a compassionate, insightful, and just plain gifted hypnotherapist.

  22. S. Harris

    I’m actually reviewing a product–it’s that good!
    This is a great CD. It has really helped both my wife and me so much to relax, reduce anxiety and sleep much better–so much better, that I felt I had to write a review. I even listen to Relax, Release and Dream On during my waking hours when I just want to stop worrying, slow my mind down, or just relax and then return to my regular schedule. If I want to use it for a nap, I just follow the vocal instructions and wake up refreshed; and, if I am in bed for the night, I let go easily and follow the instructions to sleep well all night.

    At night now, I’ve started falling asleep before the CD has even ended and I stay asleep for the entire night. I have been waking up in the morning refreshed and have a much better, more optimistic outlook during the day. Both my wife and I have noticed an improvement in our stress level–and no more insomnia!

    And it’s so easy. ..There are even instructions in the CD insert for a quick tapping technique that helps you to overcome fears about not being able to sleep, fears that could be responsible for sabotaging many of us insomniacs. This CD has it all.

  23. JMH

    Endless Possibilities – Supporting a 12 Recovery & More
    This CD, Relax, Release and Dream On supports a loved one’s 12 Step recovery program by centering them during a high anxiety or depressed period. It takes them to a safe place to get centered again. Gale’s voice tone and reassuring words bring an almost instant peace. It is an on hand, immediate tool toward reclaiming serenity and is used daily, often several times a day and night. We feel blessed by the ongoing results.

    I use it to quiet a racing mind connected to a wonderful but stressful occupation and to fall back asleep during the night. I have learned to use the technique anytime I need to slow down, take a moment to breath slowly, clear my head, regroup my thoughts and move forward at a realistic pace. My chiropractor especially likes the fact I apply it before he works on my stubborn back problem. It has made the adjustment remarkably easier and the results longer lasting.

    My sister listens to the CD a lot during the day. She is a natural born worrier and this tool noticeably lowers her anxiety and calms her with better results then any medication ever has. It also relaxes the physical tension worry and stressful thinking would leave her with.

    Recently a friend of mine purchased a copy and keeps raving about her ability to fall right off to sleep in a peaceful, restful state

  24. D.J.L.

    Not just for falling asleep!
    Gale’s CD is more helpful than I could have imagined for relaxation, yes, BUT… it’s not just for falling asleep! The guided imagery has helped so much in my daily meditation practice. Issues I have struggled with for years are becoming more manageable each day, as I take control of my own healing processes. Suddenly, I’m no longer late for work. I found my sense of humor, too! Motivation to dig into projects both at home and at work is no longer such a struggle. Best of all, I am coping so much better with the grief of losing my spouse to cancer, and the future looks bright. Sure, I’m sleeping, dreaming, and resting better… but the real gain from this CD is all the changes I’m able to make from day to day! I’ve already recommended it to my family and friends.

  25. Lexi Ryan Lanzilotti

    a must have
    I ordered this CD because I suffered from panic disorder 24/7 so much so that I was even afraid of things that could possibly help me for the fear of being out of control. I had tried many tapes over the years including a series that is always advertised that my husband bought me and to no avail did anything help. The first time I attempted to listen to Relax, Release and Dream On I only got thru a few minutes because I felt panicked. I tried again the next day and got thru almost all of it and just listened but did not really follow the instructions that were given. By the third time, I followed the instructions and forced myself to RELAX which after listening to her voice and the words starts to become something you don’t even think about because the subconscious mind kicks in and does the work. I have now been using the CD for about a month and it has literally changed my life. My husband is so amazed that he has begun doing the CD along with me. What i have realized is that when you are panicked you are resistant and it paralyzes one from helping themselves. Anxiety and fear are powerful and crippling. I was afraid of even relaxing because I did not remember what it felt like or even remembering what a peaceful night sleep was. I am proud to say that with the help of this CD I am overcoming one of the most debilitating psychological illnesses – PANIC. On a lighter note, my husband is so happy he does not have to drive me everywhere because I am now driving myself again. This CD is a must have. It will ENABLE you to change your life. You must do the work. She gives you all the right tools. Everything rewarding takes some kind of work. Listening to a soothing CD each night is the committment you should make to wake up and feel like your better self. Best of luck to you. Lexi

  26. Happy

    Relax, Release and Dream On
    I have listened to Gale’s CD’s for several months since having brain surgery. Her calm method of leading one through the simple relaxation techniques has aided me in dealing with anxiety about the recurrence of a brain tumor. Furthermore she has helped me learn to relax again and to let go of all the details of my job that drain positive energy. Even after a week or so I can resume listening to the narration and find myself gently releasing tension and refreshing myself. I have shared my copy with several friends and family members, all of whom have benefitted from listening to the messages and learning to do self hypnosis.

  27. KenSpa

    An excellent tool from an excellent hypnocounselor
    I recieved my copy of this CD directly from Gale herself and have had the pleasure of working with her in person. Siply put, I too have yet to hear the end of this program, because the sleep comes quickly and intensely.

    I admire that Gale took such care to make this CD accessible to those who are both aspirants to a spiritual path as well as those whose tendencies are to the more scientific/human response approach to their subconscious.

    Additionally, I cannot recommend this CD highly enough to martial artists, in particular those who are beginning the inward journey that is so often obscured by heavy symbolism, ancient dogma or poor communication of the basic concept that in order to achieve your own natural state of greatness, you have to let go of the outside and look inside to the subconscious.

  28. Caron Schmierer

    This is absolutely fantastic!
    Relax, release and dream on is the most effective CD I have ever used and I have used a number of them. With working full time and carrying a full load in college, I frequently do homework late at night. The brain is firing on all cyclinders, and it is difficult to quiet it before trying to sleep. Before I purchased this CD, I would take hours to fall asleep, and then would always wake up two or three hours later, not able to fall back to sleep. I have been using this CD for three nights, and fall asleep before the music starts to play, and stay asleep all night. It has just been a God-send. Thank you Gale!

  29. D. Griner


  30. Lkraut

    Beyond Helpful
    Gale’s CD was given to me by a very close friend of mine. I have been meditating on and off for years, often times using guided meditation through my journey. Gale’s magic is like no other. Her voice, words chosen, “way” about her, just seems to put my mind, body and spirit at ease. I often listen before going to bed and wake up feeling refreshed, excited for a new day. She has been such a gift for me, that I have chosen to play it for a number of my patients who suffer through chronic insomnia and/or anxiety, or just the everyday worries that many of of us struggle with. They, too, have seen such tremendous benefits from Gale’s wisdom.

  31. Laura Beifus

    simply amazing
    I have been in the martial arts for many years and have tried meditation of all sorts. Nothing has helped me more than this cd. It is so easy. I listen to it at night and I sleep extremely well , waking refreshed and ready to face the day. When I am having a particularly stressful day I go to my car and listen to it on break. Not only will it help you sleep but it will help you deal with your day to day stress. Another side effect is that it also helps me cope with the fact that I am also diabetic and dealing with a whole host of issues day to day. Bottom line is everyone should own this cd.

  32. M. Campana

    An eye opening experience
    Gale’s expertise is beyond words. I have found many wounds that needed to be opened and dealt with in order to heal. I have also been able to stop smoking without any desire to return to that awful enslaving habit. It will be one year June 22nd 2010 since I stopped.
    I’ve learned that my life and future are influenced by my subconscious that has been programed from childhood without my knowing it. Her CD’s have been a blessing for me.
    I’ve also learned to relax and release, something that is so hard to do in this day and age of stress.
    New Jersey

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